Heather Lake trail 701, Granite Falls Washington

photo 4

Panorama view of the mountains

I went hiking for the first time in YEARS on Sunday. I visited Heather Lake. Our weather has begun to peak, which is fairly abnormal, so I took the opportunity when it called. I used an app for my iphone called AllTrails to locate something I’d like. I did some quick research stopped by Big 5 Sporting goods and picked up a cheap $20 pair of hiking boots on sale that were comfortable and nice. What more could you want? I also thought their grip and ease of movement were great when on the trail, would buy again! Plus $14 hiking socks that probably really made all the difference. I went up with my Brother and my Dog, who I feel bad for putting through the hike. My Brother on the other hand, retired Army Reservist and avid Hiker- no problem haha! Being my dog has never been hiking before the trail had a lot of jagged rocks, snow, water flows, tricky obstacles, etc. He had no idea what he was in for but he took it like a true corgi and when he was too tired we were not afraid to carry his 45lbs of corg. He was stellar and I’m SO proud of him.

photo 1

photo 5

clouds getting stuck on Mt. Pillchuck

We started early and probably got to the trail head somewhere around 11:45/12. We made it to the top around 2:45/3. We were pacing with Buddy. I drove up with my running sneakers and another pair of socks since hiking boots soles are thicker and I thought it was a good idea overall to change when we got to the trail head. It was a good idea. It was starting to clear out because it looked like rain clouds in our area but as we went up the tree canopy otherwise kept us unaware and we were dry from no rain. We came to a clearing on the trail and we knew things were going to be good because the sun was breaking through the clouds and it was just gorgeous. The trail was moderate for sure, lots to look at, and because there was no cell service I could just focus on the beauty and get lost in wilderness and not be attached to my phone. So I have few photos. What was best was going from late spring at the bottom of the trail to the top where there was still plenty of snow at least 2-5ft deep depending on where you were. No doubt if I take this trail again this year when the snow’s all melted I’ll be amazed where I was standing earlier in the year.

Everyone was amazed my corgi, Buddy Cash had made it up. He. Was. The. Ultimate. Trooper. He was SO tired on many occasions and kept trucking and we had to force him to stop and rest. Which after 10 min he started getting restless. Snow was the worst for him, it took a lot of energy for him to walk in the melting snow. I also think the jagged rocks tore up his feet so by then his feet were really tender. My Brother and I alternated carrying him over the snow and he eventually took to being carried and when we helped him get over obstacles. Otherwise he wanted to be a big dog and do all the challenging stuff himself. I think he finally started to pick up if there’s an easier way to do it go do it lol.

photo 3

Heather Lake, top of the trail with my Super Corgi Buddy Cash!

It was such a beautiful hike, and I thought I was going to completely wear myself out and be extremely sore come Monday. I did indeed physically wear myself out, but I’m really not that sore. I think I can thank ballet for that. My knees are a little worse for wear because of trekking back down, but with some pliés I’ll get back in working order. Wednesday I have a massage to help work out any kinks. I really really enjoyed it and I want to go back up with Buddy Cash and my Husband so I can experience it with them as a group. I’ll try and prepare my Buddy Cash some more so he won’t get super fatigued. Also buy him some dog booties, I found some great pair but they’re so pricey, more expensive than my own shoes! Maybe his own hiking pack to carry his own water and food.

photo 2

Right after we emerged from the glen

There are several reasons why I did this hike. Among them was to try another hobby that needed strength, endurance, balance, control, focus, etc. to help me with my ballet. I think they went well together with my skills in ballet I felt sure footed. I could easily pull myself up with my thighs on big stepping areas; I didn’t really feel tired through it at all until the end where my feet were most tired. It was great. I kept thinking about it before bed last night and I couldn’t help but think I can’t wait to do more!!


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