Documentary, I need your feedback!

Sooo… y’all know my intensive is coming up. One of those rare and super cool Adult only dance intensives. You guys wouldn’t come to my blog if you weren’t interested in hearing what I have to say about STUFF. So I thought I’d ask how you would like me to document my week at the Sun King Dance intensive this summer?

Video vlogs? Same ol’ but timely blog posting? Just photo documentation? Wait for a huge big shebang that will just be summaries? What do you think?


4 thoughts on “Documentary, I need your feedback!

  1. Hmmmmmm Video blog is awesome but I’d also enjoy just reading blog posting right here! Sooo looking forward to your stories!! Wish we could have a summer intensive for adults only here.. 😦

  2. I would love a photo recap. I have never done an intensive so I would love to see what it involves and how it works. Good luck and I hope you enjoy!

    Jackie @

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