Bloch Axis


Have I told you guys how cool these are? They were my first shoe and the only problem I had with them after I out shrank them was that. Sinking from my compressible foot. My fitter decided to forget these shoes and give me way too narrow jet streams which were awful. So I decided to buy these again after realizing I could use the gaynor minden fit kit to bridge the gap and resolve my sinking. I wear my fluffs and the box liner and wa-la! What I love about these is that they help me achieve my beautiful arch with ease instead of restricting me like my GM’s.
I also like them because you can easily break them in with a hair dryer yet retain that crisp strong feeling in your pointe shoes. Excited for these to work with out me worrying about them or struggling to balance. Dance Intensive I’m getting ready for you!!

Today is also my big rehearsal and it happens to be the hottest day of the week. We rehearse in the big studio upstairs, obviously, but its going to volcanic hot. I am not happy.


5 thoughts on “Bloch Axis

  1. Aaiiiii good luck with the heat….. I love this post because it gives me hope! My GM fit kit should be in my mailbox any day now…. I hope it will solve my sinking problem too!

      • Bloch made them with a thermal paste so when they’re heated they’ll shape to your foot. So you start out breaking in your pointe shoe with a hair dryer, 10 seconds here 20 over here, and then place the shoe on and press it on and around your foot.
        It also breaks in your shank and demi so you don’t have to work hard or chafe yourself in a new pair of shoes.
        These are pretty much Bloch’s reply to GM shoes, so I’ve read/been told.

      • Ahaaaaa…… smart move! I’m going to the dance store in a couple of weeks to find myself some new pointe shoes. Unfortunately, the situation with my current shoes is hopeless.. Even with the GM fit kit! 😦

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