Reflecting Before Summer

Today is the last class before summer break at my school. Wednesday we do have a dress rehearsal and then Friday and Saturday will be our summer recital. I also have two weeks before my dance intensive. Whoooo~ so many mixed emotions. Stress, anxiety, and excitement for my dance intensive. Sadness that I won’t see a lot of my class mates and students for so many months. Getting charged and ready to work all summer on products for sale to put up in the fall, enjoy the summer and traveling with my Husband.

I am so thankful this year I got to be apart of the lives of my “little ones”. It makes me all misty eyed when I realize how many of them look up to me and my “wisdom”. How they yearn for my praise or listen intently for my corrections. Their smiles when my adjustment has clicked and improved their perception of dance. It has definitely been the highlight of my year so far, and I can’t help but thank my Mentor for allowing me this opportunity.

I am super excited to get more training this summer so I can be even better.

This summer after my intensive I hope to take pilates, hip hop, and minimal ballet technique classes.


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