All My Stuff

Finally getting a chance to look over my bag that I carried every day from September till June. I don’t get to share it by video and maybe that’s a good thing, it may have taken forever with how much stuff I actually have.

photo 1

photo 2

The bag was purchased in Las Vegas at the NY NY hotel and casino. 4 pairs of flat ballet shoes, 3 canvas 1 leather. Two pointe shoes, Gaynor Minden and Bloch Axis. Bunheads fluffs toe pads nexcare soft tape, bunheads toe spacers, custom made toe prosthetics attached to bunheads ouch pouches, misc. fitting pieces to the GM fit kit.

photo 3

Ballet technique books given to me by my Mentor with notes and class routines and combinations stuffed in. A notebook to write down choreography notes. Class music for the ones I TA if I have to sub. A mechanical pencil. Spare fresh new fluffs, “rubz” foot massager, “smiley” toe tape, another GM fit kit. Bunheads lambs wool, mickey mouse fleece pants (walmart $10 long time ago) pink thigh high leg warmers, GM warm up booties, bloch surpima deshanked shoes.

photo 4

Basic black ballet skirt, lotion, eye drops for contacts, cotton swabs, paper towel, feminine hygiene products, jet glue, a small Mickey Mouse tin with bobby pins, clips, hair net, and pony tail holders. Travel size deodorant, tennis ball, alignment belt, hair brush, sample of huggies wipes. strip of elastic, a nylon sock, satin ribbon, suede tips, stitch kit, scissors, seam ripper, box of safety pins.

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