Day Two – done

I’m far More conscious than I was yesterday, which is surprising.

I actually didn’t finish all my classes, I skipped the last class of the day which was learning about your turn out. But I’m okay with that haha.

I got up at 6 this morning to meet up with my new ballet bud from Houston, Texas. We met up for breakfast and zombied over to the studio.
We started the morning with Pilates for 30 min. I’m use to a machine so just a yoga mat was different and our instructor was fun.
Technique followed with a new teacher from Monday, which I found her barre instruction extremely hard to follow. When we finished barre we went to floor adagio and it wasn’t as hard or bad as barre. We finished up with a bit of petite allegro and grand. Nice and sweaty, took a small break and moved over to variation. My class is learning a Raymonda piece involving a chiffon scarf – so a prop. Which is haaaaard. The music is a harp playing and it’s very lovely. Also coincidental because I danced to Raymonda for my recital. By the end of class I was starving and it was hard to concentrate.
Then lunch.
Repertory followed where we learned a contemporary piece to the princess’s bride theme. It’s very lengthy. By variation my toes were worn from grinding on the marley flooring. A lot of the dancers are finding it difficult to dance on the marley. So by repertory my toes were very sore.
Then… I ditched turn out class. Walked back to the hotel showered and napped.

Tomorrow is pilates, technique, pirouettes, pointe, and repertory again. PDD is Wednesday, my mistake haha.

The week is going by slowly but it feels like I’ve been here forever. Missing my husband and pets, but making friends has been fun.

I’ll get into more thought and detail when I get back. Thanks for bearing with me!


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