4th Day Complete


We had photos today. It was a kinda funny group photo to commemorate our gathering.

Yesterday was long and I can’t already remember much of it. There was pointe class, pirouettes, repertory, technique… I think that was it.

Was so sore after all that that I took a hot Epsom salt bath and I iced my toes. My toes were so sore.

Technique I remember was awesome, I love that teacher! Randall is his name. He believes dancing at all times even at the barre. He stopped the class at the intro of adagio to notify everyone that they should do what I do because its beautiful. Hurrrrrrrr… Thanks *bashful* I just did what my mentor taught me, use my epaulment and always dance like someone is watching.

Today (Wednesday) we had pas de deux!! I am so overwhelmed with choreography. Pdd was awesome. I got to dance with a professional male dancer who does modern. He’s had classical training of course.
I wasn’t scared to be handled and even though we rotated amongst partners from guys who knew nothing, which was frustrating but we were all learning, to the pros. When I did a simple soubre sou (sp?) he lifted me so high I was stunned and didn’t land in plié! Fixed that. I’m still working on my back strength and forgot that I’m supposed to use them like my barre. Unfortunately for that to work they have to understand my balance.
Cleaned up our scarf variation. I need to practice transitions in that.

More pas de deux to follow, and lucky us the pro dancers are going to perform with us on Friday!

This is my Texan friend Katie! We met and hit it off. We happened to have the same Leo so decided it to wear it for picture day.

Plenty of fun, learning experiences, but grueling ballet work makes you a miserably happy dancer!

My husband will be coming this afternoon! Dog in tow! I can’t wait to see them. Making friends makes the loneliness not so bad, but nothing can replace your family.

There’s was some early celebratory fireworks last night and I’m so excited for the big show!! Wheeeeeee!!

4 thoughts on “4th Day Complete

  1. Fabulous sounding. Great on the compliment. That would really embarrass me, but then I don’t have to worry about receiving such praise! So nice that your DH (dear husband) and doggie are coming! 🙂

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