Getcho Relax On!

Dancing for 6-8 hours a day you’re bound to have tight muscles. I have a massage therapist that I prefer to see at home, and though they offered a Massage Therapist for service at the intensive I stuck with my tools. I found them to be just what I needed since the 6-8 hours weren’t actually killing me too awfully.

I only had to soak in epsom salt one night, I probably could’ve done it more but just didn’t find myself craving it. If anything, every day after all my classes were finished I would’ve preferred a stretch class which was only offered to the “all dance” subscribers. It’s not like I couldn’t stretch myself I just didn’t think too much of it until the final days where I skipped pilates class and stretched in the morning to start feeling balanced again.

I brought with me these simple thingy-ma-bobs :



– Epsom salt (walmart $3). Draws out muscle fatigue, eases those sore and stiff muscles and joints.

– a plain tennis ball (free if you know someone or $6/3). This thing is handy because it’s so compact. You can use it against your back against a wall. I often applied it by laying my thigh on top or my calf and allow my own weight on it and just rolling it around under me. This took some core work, but it dug into those tight muscles and eased them up so I could continue to dance without ligaments and muscles straining.

– a foot “rubz” massage ball ($5). Got this guy of discount dance. It’s smaller and has little feelers. It’s firmer than the tennis ball so it gets at your foot differently, but I find it too small for my calves.

– literally “the stick” ($27). I was researching before I left things that may help me, including a foam roller. Well the rollers were back ordered 3-4 weeks and “the stick” came highly recommended by marathon runners and olympic athletes. Okay. Come to the Intensive and nearly a 3rd of the group owns one. It really does work magic and is a fabulous relief tool.

– dog (priceless). Having Buddy Cash show up on the 4th of July was awesome. He made my day and I slept easier knowing he was by my bedside. Also a Hubby. But for sure, it was awesome to have my dog with me 🙂

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