Look What the Cat Dragged In

I’ve been back from Vegas for over a week now. I did not manage to slip into an adult class as I always aspire. Lets just say 3-4 hours in the sun and private pool with some awesome EDM beats was keeping me back. It could’ve also been drinking and dancing in heels until 2 am, but I digress…

I haven’t been back to a ballet class since Monday the 15th. Tomorrow I’ll be going to eXit space in Seattle to revisit some people I met and danced with at Sun King as well as get to dance with my friend Julie who has been steadily going there the past couple of years. I danced with her last summer when I took summer lessons there.

I’ve also lassoed my friend who’s getting married in October, to take a class with me at the Allegro studio down the road from me. I hope she enjoys it and won’t get frustrated 😀 When I was in there last I noticed a vine of ivy growing in from the outside through a crack in the window framing. It made me giggle.

When there is more dancing there will be more blogging. Of course I’ve made empty promises of what I learned at SKD. Like the infamous “broken foot” technique which we only did at the barre. Which was a very safe idea. But more on that later!! You’ll have to stay tuned when I finally do something about it!

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