There’s Change in the Air

You can feel it. Actually, Seattle has been really sunny, really warm, and very humid this summer. Little rain has graced us and cloudy overcast glum days are scarce. It has been an odd summer to say the least.

I’ve been keeping quiet lately because there’s been a lot of overhaul happening on the other side of the computer. I’m getting ready for class to start in September, which coincidentally coincides with a bachelor/bachelorette party in Vegas the beginning of the month. So I’ll be partying till the end of summer right into class. Yikes!

Tuesday sept 3rd is when classes start for me at one studio. And I fly in that afternoon- hah haaaaaaahh…

Thursday class

Friday class.

Then the official week starts


Class every day of the week at two studios.

Also I’ve been dealing with carpal tunnel syndrome. It started earlier this summer after my intensive. I’m a horrible side sleeper (this has caused lots of problems in my adult life) and I have a tendency to super tuck my hands under when I sleep. I noticed a lot of pain waking up from my wrists being tucked so tightly. Then all through the summer I had loss of feeling, tingling sensations, bouts of weakness in regular activities with my hands, and general aches and discomfort. I saw the doctor yesterday who said I have symptoms but he wants to know “why”. Apparently my sleeping habits aren’t a big enough reason. So we had blood work down, 4 vials! I only had coffee and a muffin! So I got sick, and almost fainted. They kept me around another 5-10 min before I drove myself home. (109 lbs, I’ve lost weight- noooooo!! Gimmie back my 112!)

So now I’m waiting on those results.

Also in other news, I’m so excited to say I found a $45 vintage serger to replace my super lame contemporary made serger that failed all the time and I wasn’t going to keep shelling out $100 to get it “fixed” when it was the stupid plastic no good belt that would never catch. $45 investment compared to that crap $300 investment. I saved a lot of money. Hopefully it’ll make a lot of money for me. So stay tuned for that. RP & AB probably recognize this well.

I’m making big goals and I want you guys to be apart of it. So stay tuned. I have my forever promised of new learned things I picked up at SKD intensive to share, and the drop in class I had a few weeks ago that was super fun!


3 thoughts on “There’s Change in the Air

  1. Haaaaa…. serger. I actually really like my (about ten year old) serger, but it doesn’t do a cover stitch, which sure would be handy when I make leotards and such.

    They used to think I had carpal tunnel so I can tell you all about it! To diagnose it they have to do a test where they hook you up to some electrodes and shock your arm and hand several times. It makes it flop around all on it’s own, but it doesn’t really hurt. It’s best to get the test out of the way up front, they would have diagnosed my rheumatism about four years earlier if they had gone ahead and done the test.

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