Realization of Utilization

This week as I struggle with my pirouettes, and other turns. I’ve come to the realization I am not utilizing my body. The last year I spent all that time building it up with muscle and strengthening that ever important body core. I know it’s there, strong, and powerful. I like to tense it and poke my muscle groups.

I’m not using it, and I need to. I feel a little let down by my Mentor admitting openly to the class that I may be one of those people she gives a handicap to. That she’d give up on me and my turns and just not pick me or choreograph anything for me with turns. What a serious blow.

I’ve noticed though that the ballet world has a tendency to do this. I was told I’d never be able to achieve a full pointe in my pointe shoes. That I could never get over my box. Yet here I’m one of the most high arched feet in class and have trouble trying to balance on my over pointe.

I’m tired of being told I can’t.

Now I will focus really hard on my spotting and turns. I will work on my core muscles more. I will focus harder in class. I will utilize what I have and make it work.

5 thoughts on “Realization of Utilization

  1. What a stupid comment of you ballet teacher!! I mean okay, if it’s better for you because otherwise you might be totally stressed out when it’s performance time and you can’t do pirouettes. Then I can understand. But come on, you’re still learning, you’re doing great and you should just do the best you can! I’m certain one day all the things will fall into place and you’ll be spinning like crazy.

    Go go goooo!!

  2. Ballet teachers can be so harsh! Reminds me of my ballet teacher when I was little…she wasn’t happy unless she was screaming at us. I re-entered the world of ballet last February and I enjoy it a lot more because I’m not being yelled at. The teacher is so encouraging! Just try your best to ignore her and keep practising your pirouettes in the mirror:)

  3. One thing I always remind myself when I feel I’m not doing so great in dance class is something that my dance teacher, who has been dancing 20-plus years, said. she said even the best dancers in the room still don’t feel like they are good enough. I guess it’s that aiming for perfection that makes dancers dance beautifully. Just study the best dancers in the room and mimic what they do, that’s how I improved quickly. :)!

  4. This hits home in so many ways. Pirouettes are a constant struggle, and I don’t utilize my body like I should. I am fortunate I have a teacher who keeps telling me to keep the faith. Glad you are not giving up.

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