True Facts

– I wear underwear under my leotard. This is a major taboo, and here’s the gross reason why I wear it. Helps soak up the sweat so I don’t get horrible swamp butt.

– my hair is probably the longest it’s been in years, I can feel it on the back of my upper arm, dude I think it’s past my shoulder blades now. WHOA.

– my feet sweat horribly in pointe shoes causing me blisters, must address asap. I’m using paper towels right now and they disintegrate, literally. I have to scrape tiny pieces out after I pry my shoes off.

– today, despite dancing a little on the funny side (i.e. mixing up feet and a whole bunch of stuff), it felt good and I was not chastised like I normally am. It’s nice to get a break.

– Discount Dance and All About Dance are the same company – and I totally took advantage of the buy 4 tights get them for $20 with FREE shipping. YAYS. Dance haul update when it arrives, because y’all know you can’t just buy ONE thing for dance!

– Discount Dance’s brand is “Theatrical” and I actually prefer their tights to Natalie’s.

What about you? What are some of your true facts?

9 thoughts on “True Facts

  1. You should try to use some kind of deodorant on your feet! You could use Odorex (don’t know if they have it in your country) or just use spray deodorant.

    Also: I wear underwear underneath my leotard too!!!! Blehhggg don’t want to think about NOT wearing it..

  2. I wear underwear under my leotard because I have the same problem blehhh! I bought I pair of under armour underwear to see if it made a difference.

    I bought a pair of theatricals tights and I think there’s already a few runs in them, but I love how thin they are!

    • Hope you underarmor works out. Theatricals I think are a little thicker than Natalie’s but thinner than capezios. I use capezios for performances only unless I scuffed them up. I usually ruin my tights with my wedding ring prongs. Overall I just fine the theatrical brand pretty comfy compared to the Natalie’s.

  3. True fact 1: have just found my first pair of pointes that don’t need an ouch pouch or similar. Just a Gaynor boxliner to flatten down the top a little more, and one of those gel spots glued to the inside where my big toe goes (similar to the gel pads you put in your high heels so the balls of your feet hurt less when you go partying.) YAY for cutting down on what I stuff my pointes with!!
    (La Bayadere de Repetto)

    True fact 2: I wear underwear too (thongs cos otherwise there’s too much risk of it showing under the edge of my leo) and always hoick them up at the hips, higher than an 80’s swimsuit model, so that skirt, underwear and tights all end in different spots instead of layering up.

    True fact 3: I get a little annoyed that everyone’s always too scared to be near the front during centre. Even the ones in the back are as far back as can go. I don’t know the steps better than anyone else, I don’t like being in the spotlight, but I take pity on the poor teacher who doesn’t enforce it enough.

    True fact 4: I get nervous when we get to the part of centre exercises that includes sautées, changements, assemblés etc. I’m scared my ……..wind……….. will escape. Even if I’m not feeling windy. It terrifies me that one day I’ll be the one to let one rip 😦

    True fact 5: I love Capezio’s Hold and Stretch tights because they don’t feel like they’re at their most opaque at my ankles and thinnest at my thighs 😉 However, they get runs too quickly and they are a little too shiny for me.

  4. I totally wear a thong under my leo & tights! I like the ones from Target, they have some made from nice stretchy material and the waistband is pretty wide, so it helps conceal the dreaded line that the tights make in the love handle region!

    I get super sweaty during class. Like 10 minutes in I’m sweating like crazy! My teacher says it’s because I’m doing it right, but wow. lol!

    • I get really really hot, and my teacher says the same thing. Some people are still wearing waist high legwarmers and cross-overs at the end of the lesson and complain if I ask to open the window for a moment. I don’t want to leave it open, just thirty seconds to allow some new air to circulate!

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