Then a Light Went On

As I was doing my dreaded chaine turns tonight, my right ankle was giving way again throwing me off my turns. It then dawned on me that very moment as my Mentor was chiding (in a good way) me that the light went on!

My ankle is giving way because I have little surface to turn on!!! The tapered slant of my toes doesn’t create an equal surface for me to turn, I must wing my foot and really place all pressure on the inside of the ball of my foot. Or I will get no where! Once I figured that out and we went over it again and concentrated real hard on winging and placing the pressure in the right spot I was doing waaaaaaaaaay better.

I got more props for my pirouettes yo! Hah!! Don’t underestimate meeeeeeee raawwwwwwwr!!

Also because I got a blister in class last night I couldn’t wear my pointe shoes. And my shoes are starting to disappoint me again because they sit a little skewed on my foot.

Tonight’s class was great. I like this one because there’s fewer girls and I get more attention. I hope I can heal up my pinky toe for class by Tuesday haha. I get a 3 day break to heal as fast as possible!!

I also picked up aerosol antiperspirant for my feet. I used it today but I read it has to build up. So I’ll let you guys know how that works for my silly sweaty feet.


One thought on “Then a Light Went On

  1. Haha hope your silly sweaty feet will be alright 😉
    You also have things to cover up your blisters with! Some sort of bunion cover (the ones with a hole in them) but then for your blister. Unless it’s in a really weird place of course..

    Props for pirouettes, wish I would get that sometimes!!

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