Mid week update

Monday was a good day. We reviewed a lot of the things we did on Friday. I didn’t have to wear my pointe shoes, and my blister is healing well, it’s at the not so painful scabby part in it’s short life. We practiced a lot on arm placement and holding 1st arabesque arms. Which is now completely engrained in me is as “same arm, same leg.” If you ever needed help with that. Unless you’re doing Russian arms, which then I’m not sure what that is.

To emphasize this, we did “lame ducks” en dehor pique turns. This fabulous little girls Sleeping Beauty variation shows this well when at the end she does an entire diagonal line of them. ENVIOUS OF HER PORT DE BRAS!!! Anyways, we practiced these to maintain arm position in first arabesque because when you land after a lame duck you need to be back in your starting position. We did some adagio which again concentrated on first arabesque arms. We did pirouettes into an arabesque in fondue, so you really needed to have good core for that and not yourself go wild. Then more tour jetés! My jumps keep getting better and better! I can feel it!

After our class had to teacher assist. We had a lovely new girl join us and she was getting adjusted to it all. The classes have grown from small and few to a decent sizable number. Phew! Was worried. Afterwords, my Mentor wanted to know if there was a free studio but there just wasn’t that day, and she was dis appointed because she wanted to work with me on steps for Nutcracker.


HELLO! Auditions haven’t even happened! Her reasoning was that I’d be the only “new” member of the snow/flowers and that she wanted to make sure I’d have a leg up in returning to the dance. She’s also the director by the way, so she initially chooses the cast. She said we’d have to figure out some time in the coming weeks.

So yesterday, Tuesday, was pointe class. I got to class half an hour early to try and stretch and warm up a little before class. There isn’t any real opportunity between the classes at this studio to warm up; so I take it when I can. Thursdays I’m completely unable to warm up before hand which is a shame. I was able to wear my pointe shoes until about 10 min before class was over (hour and 20 min yo- check it!). I decided after my Husband measured my feet for me and my right foot is actually a .25″ smaller than my left, that I’ll use my fluff to fill the gap. It was a little much but it worked. I informed my Husband I’d probably need a new pair of shoes in the next couple of months, but we’ll see. I’m thinking I may use my Gaynors for Nutcracker. I have to re-sew the elastic on them, they’re too tight.

Class though was interesting. I get to really focus on what I’m doing. Apparently in one exercise where we fondue, beat, beat, tendu fondue, stand. My supporting leg wasn’t completely erect. It confused me what my Mentor was yelling at me about but it wasn’t until she blurted more words I started to understand what she was walking about. I’m wondering if it’s though my body is self protecting itself because my left knee is causing me a little trouble, like it always does. Either way it was a good class, and I usually caught myself doing something wrong in the combinations given that my Mentor didn’t need to correct me, she knew I knew and that I would try to correct it.

I also got compliments twice because I knew I was messing up on hard combinations but just kept going and smiling. Didn’t matter didn’t care, jut keep going. There have been plenty times in life where I had to do this, and I’m starting to really understand it and utilize this skill in ballet. My Mentor wants us to stop worrying and making it show we messed up by our faces. We did this one combination that I’ve done before I think, my brain wasn’t ready for it on a Monday thought. 3 dégagé devant, inside foot dégagé a la second devant, back foot dégagé derrière x 3 , inside foot dégagé a la second derriere, outside foot dégagé x3 a la second, inside foot dégagé devant, outside foot dégagé a la second x 3, inside foot dégagé derrière, repeat ;D See if you can do it.

I was completely messing it up but just kept smiling and doing what I did remember and internally laughing at myself- which caused me to smile.

The other was entrechat PDB x 3 then a entrechat, rest, then repeat but the final one with a changement. Then hopefully you’ll be on a different foot to begin with and start the combination over again. Everyone was all sortsa whack on this one. So long as you stuck to what you were doing and you held your body right and smiled- you were OKAY.

Today is one of my favorite classes to TA! So all in all I’m in a good mood. One of my favorite TV shows is Scrubs and Dr. J.D. likes to do this thing with his bromance friend, Turk, an “Eagle.” A special maneuver reserved only for him when he wants to feel GREAT or feels GREAT. All I could think of was how I want to do an Eagle too, I’m feeling great!


2 thoughts on “Eagle!

  1. Dancing snow and flowers in Nutcracker? Wow! You’d have my utmost respect. No one dances harder (and longer) in our Nutcracker than the girls who dance snow and flowers. Talk about having to really be in good shape!

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