Dance haul!


I got my items in a day early, yesssssss.


I got my “body wrappers” soft ballet shoes which are actually by Angelo Luzio. I’ve read up n these shoes before and couldn’t find them locally, so I was a little surprised when they came out of the box like this. They remind me a lot of the Bloch zenith, but they are specifically made for right and left feet. They’re comfortable and form fitting but not as tight as the zeniths. Maybe I should do a more in depth comparison next week! Right now I’m loving them!

My new halter leotard, I’m curious how long it will last me. I’ve been cycling through my leotards so quickly because of my 5 days a week schedule. Every week now I wash my leotards when it used to take a week and a half to two weeks.

I was hoping that since I spent over $50 I’d get a free tote bag they were advertising but I guess they gave them all away 😦 bawwww!! Ah well.

I’m off for now more stuff to do before class!

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