30 Days and A Man

So a man walks into the studio. Says he’s studying Karate but would like to take dance lessons, thinks ballet would be cool. Um, sign this man up meow!!

My Mentor was upstairs when he came in, she said a nice good looking man about 20 y/o or so.
I desperately want him to join do I could possibly have a PDD partner!!! Squeeee!!

And… I’m still working on it and I’m so close!



11 thoughts on “30 Days and A Man

  1. When I first took ballet I was dating a guy who was in to karate. My parents used to say I was studying for my black belt in ballet πŸ˜›
    Good luck with your guy, we seem to have lost all of ours. Are we really that scary?

  2. Ohhhh wish there would be a guy in our class!! The only guy we’ve ever had was really short and stick-thin, no way he could do lifts with any one of us, haha!
    Good job on those splits! How did you get so far? Sheer determination in stretching? Any special exercises that were particularly helpful??

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