What day? Oh, and nutcracker auditions.

You know what day it is? Sure the 30th, last day of September. Last day of the splits challenge (not going to make it.) It’s Monday and there may or may not be lasagna at the end of this post*

Today is the day that karate man said he may come back! Or at least my Mentor told him to! I will be at the studio when it opens, but he could be looking to do the adult ballet I class which is around the time I leave. We shall see!!!

In other news we had our Nutcracker auditions in pointe shoes on Saturday. I danced from 9:15 – 2:30. I was tired and starved afterwords. I fell asleep at home for 30 min. before my body woke me up and demanded food. Which I ate and happily lulled back to sleep.
Auditions went better than last year. I have come a long way from feeling completely and hopelessly lost at doing things to I can manage that and if I suck at it so be it I’m going to grin because I’m trying.
The things I was frustrated with were my shoes rubbing my right pinky toe raw despite my great efforts on protecting it. As well as the right heel of my shoe coming off in a leap requiring me to either fix it or dance through it which would or could have resulted in a twisted ankle or worse something broken. I chose to fix it. After that it dawned on me to use rosin in the back heel of my shoe and it worked perfectly. Why did I not think if it until later?! Ugh… Not to mention people were using a lot of rosin on the floor when I don’t use any on that floor at all. So it made for horrible turns and I couldn’t get a clean pirouette. Awesome :/
I had to escape out if my pointe shoes before the end of it (12pm) because I could feel at any moment I could create a whole new can of worms aka blisters, that would really dampen my pointe shoe streak. So I took them off.
I managed to get most if not all the important parts all done in pointe shoes.
I actually think I performed some things better in pointe shoes, like Spanish and doll. I actually didn’t feel uneasy performing in anything in my pointe shoes. Sugar plum of course was fast and difficult, required a lot of precise execution and my body just didn’t move fast enough.
After pointe shoes we did it all again in flat and that was just annoying. Why do I feel more stable in a paper mâché cup with a hard piece of plastic?
Overall I did enjoy it and didn’t let my frustrations get the best of me, people not making space for each other, people blocking you in the mirror, etc. etc.
After the pointe shoe auditions we did the other dances, like Arabian and Russian. Russian I have down since I did it last year. Arabian was a little hard because we had to turn in our legs and my ballet trained brain said “no” to this, I tried to adapt lol. Arabian is very quick too despite it sounding long and luxurious.

After that was over I was pretty much excused from dancing. I did try the solider doll dance which is fun. Watch all the girls try out for Clara and their acting skills.
Mice and Bonbons were later and oh so adorable! They told me about their shoes, and how old they were lol! I love it! Helping them polka down the way, tell them to hold their hands all lovely.

It was fun and maybe by next year I’ll be proficient enough for sugarplum. I was proud of myself because I was falling into old bad habits, and told myself to stop think and dance and I got better. I may still have made the mistake but I danced through it and kept trying to correct it.

I have no idea when results come up, but I hope I’m not bum’ed about anything. I’m not particularly looking for any one specific role. I do prefer solos lol. It’s just a fun experience but I’m sad some of last years dancers won’t be in this years at all.
Le sigh.

*there isn’t. (Garfield the Cat reference.)

One thought on “What day? Oh, and nutcracker auditions.

  1. Sounds awesome! I think it’s really cool that you did auditions in pointe shoes. I’m nowhere near that good 😉 Hope there will be a nice role out there for you! (a SOLO!!!)

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