I’m down right exhausted. 6 days of dancing, one day of rest. It’s all starting to creep up on me. Even my knees which haven’t bothered me for a long time, are beginning to painfully express themselves.

I do however, have a reprieve! A stressful one, but one that doesn’t include dancing. My Pennsylvania trip is coming up a week from today! I will be on a plane at 7am and spend forever in the air, hang out in Colorado briefly, then land in Pennsylvania! A place I’ve never been. Ideally I’d like to take a class there, meet people, see the sites and visit NY. I doubt I’ll get any of that done since I will be strictly on a wedding schedule. Saturday, after the wedding, may be a “free” day. Knowing though my reaction after my wedding on the following Saturday, you are burnt out. You can barely gnash your breakfast. Our groomsmen were also just- completely zoned out. It was a lovely morning though and as we packed our car to make our get away, saw 3 brides all at once! WOW. So glad I had done a Friday.


That’s what’s coming up. Rehearsals are fun but I’m so tired physically, and there’s so much choreography I’m cramming into my brain at once I’m just overwhelmed a little. Here’s hoping that my break of Philly will really feel like a break!

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