You’re Dead to Me


Out with the old, in with the new! My Bloch Axis I got in June on the left, and my new ones I just “broke” in on the right. Waiting for me to sew the elastic and ribbons in. I need them for tomorrow morning but I’m so tired. Ughhhhh… Wake up on time to get these done.

I was do frustrated with the old ones his evening because they wouldn’t support me at all. I was doing so poorly in class and I chalked it up to my shank being dead to me. It wasn’t like killer dead for some people, but for me it was enough to really affect how I danced especially away from the barre.

I’m now concerned about how long these will last, if long enough for nutcracker? Maybe not! I need to have at least two viable pairs of shoes for performance. I may need to look into a stronger shoe. I’m just not up to searching for another shoe right now. Bluhhh. Anyways, I should be sewing or sleeping right now!


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