Slap a new badge on me!

I was breaking in a new spare pair of pointe shoes tonight. Apparently between that and wearing my broken in pair I bruised my pinky toe!

Now you all must come to terms, as a dancer, and a dancer like me who dances 6 out of the 7 days of the week. My feet aren’t beautiful. Nor are they disgustingly ugly. I mean their original appearance I have no shame. I like my feet. Dancing in pointe shoes though, the wear and tear on my toes have been very obvious. Especially on my pinky toes.

My right foot pinky toe has been roughed up so much since this summer where I blew a blister and still danced on it. It’s now a very thick callous.

My left pinky toe is now a bigger veteran compared to my right. I have a bruised toe nail!! It’s not horrid, and I’m lucky I don’t have to dance in pointe shoes again until Saturday and Sunday. The last weekend before nutcracker- ahhhh!!

Now! Warning- my badge of ballet honor:


Nutcracker is Upon Us

We have a large rehearsal tomorrow with both acts going. It’s usually a horrid mess the first run through. I have so much to practice still D: arms for Arabian have got me in a slight pickle.

My new shoes came today!! With a sample of toothpaste. Whu whuuu?!


My current ones are feeling much better but looking a little beat.

My current pair far right. Now I need to sew elastics and ribbons and break them in. Oh boy!

But! Tonight is about relaxing. Going out to hang with some friends. Yea!!

Arms and Things

Practiced swan arms today. That stuff is haaaard. I have to get my chest open more.

Was also complimented on my turns at the barre we were doing. They were called beautiful. Squee!

Of course though I had my downs. We did pirouettes from 5th and I didn’t open my arms. I didn’t really use my arms period which ruined me.

Also I was having problems staying en pointe with my right foot. My feet are overall very tired. So I was very wobbly and unstable doing some arabesques and things.

My piques are also being weird. Apparently I’m not sliding down my leg but back behind me which supposedly is making me lose balance but I think it’s not lol. Sliding down the back of my leg makes me feel like I’m loosing momentum. I’ll fix it I’ll fix it. Eventually.

Now I’m going to watch Uliana do her swan arms to see how she does hands because mine look awkward.

A Question for my Readers

When you visit a class in another city/country do you follow their arms in barre? A plié is a plié. Sometimes though I know there is specific port de bras that is so engrained it’s no longer mentioned just done.

I think I usually attempt to replicate arms, and will obviously do so if a choreographed port de bras is given. Sometimes though it’s definitely a “trying to fit in” arm thingy.

What do you do?

One Footed Jumps

They suck. While I have decent leaps overall, I don’t have the hip and core strength to do decent one footed jumps. Yesterday in class we did coupe front, coupe back, coupe front ballone 2nd close coupe back. Then repeat with front foot- then while back foot is in coupe – pas de chat, pdb, pas de chat, pdb, soutenue turn. Repeat.

While I can do this combination slowly and clumsily. I cannot do it very fast. I feel like a rock with cumbersome legs and being a rock I’m learning how to use brain function and legs for the first time ever.

This feeling is not new. It also shows on my temps levés. I hate you temps levés. You may be pretty but only if you look effortless doing it.

I guess my teacher keeps having us doing so we get better at it. Urgh! They drive me crazy. So did my chaines, but they’re looking better. So I guess they will get better. I would like to be able to jump on one foot with out hulk arms in brava.

Despite my woes. We did a relaxing basic tombe pdb 4th pirouette diagonal. To a saucy little tango piece. After the first line I was called out to be the good example while Sensei was the bad example. For I tombe differently since my intensive.
After learning at my intensive this other method not only did it feel cool but it looks cool. Very swishy. Very Balanchine/Joffrey. I like the “up down” method from Balanchine. Besides it’s what my teacher teaches anyways lol. I have no bias!! (/sarcasm)
Anyways, I got to be an example!! Hurrah! It is very few and far between stars and planet alignment, inca calendar type of occurrence for me.
While many tried to emulate it, they were still struggling. Which is cute.
Yesterday was a good class. Yes. Choreography though. What a bummer. Not doing so hot on that front. My teacher keeps saying we’re out on the on the prairie in snow and we’re like “little house on the prairie”. I would rather take ice skaters waltz all over again compared to being girls in the snow. I try and be enthusiastic. But it’s just one of those choreographies you roll your eyes at mentally, so no one can see it, slap on your chummy grin and do it.
My other holiday piece is better, but it mixes my Monday choreography and my nutcracker and snow choreography. So it gets a little confusing. I do get to do pique arabesque with arms in elonge en pointe! That’s fun and a little on the hard side.

Anyways. Enough yammering for now.

Not much flailing going on here

I’m finally beginning to stress about Nutcracker. It’s literally 3 weeks away and I feel unprepared. My soutenue turns en pointe in snowflakes are horrible. Running in my new shoes is very difficult for obvious reasons. I’m not excited about my Russian dance like I normally am, I feel there’s no team spirit like last year. My timing is off everywhere. I’m exhausted and tired. BESIDES THAT.


Class last Friday wasn’t so bad. Despite taking two extra classes of ballet to make up for when I was sick. Which I reflect back on now as a bad idea just before Saturday rehearsal. URG- but I digress. Friday. I was getting compliments left and right, that had followed me from Thursday too. It stuck to me because RO had talked about receiving compliments in class and how extremely rare it can be. For sure I’ve had my dry spells. I was though receiving some great compliments. Acknowledgement for real progression I have been making. Which feels nice. One big one was going from a 4th elonge lunge into attitude en pointe. Fluidity, no wobbling, high attitude, proper placement, I was there. I’m pretty awful at “lame ducks” but have apparently gotten the whole arabesque arms thingy-ma-bobs. Which is good. Always good to have your arms. The combination was lovely and different so it was pleasant to do. I was the only girl in class in her pointe shoes and it was near the end when you’re going diagonal. So I was tired, my new shoes are new so it’s an uphill battle in those guys. Pique, Pique, Balance, Balance, lame duck, lame duck, lame duck while turning passé leg over and continue with pique, pique, balance, balance, etc… I did it too for the most part. And was applauded by the class. Since I was last because of odd numbers. By no means was it perfect, but I was able to execute it without much flail, falling over, tripping, wrong arms, or crying. Major accomplishment.

Sometimes though when you get complimented it makes all that noticed work go out the window and you fail at everything. Usually this is the reason why my Teacher never compliments me, because it never fails for me to fudge it up if we repeat the combination. Normally she’ll have us run it through several times and then just correct those who needed corrections, meaning if she didn’t pick on you, you did good and or improving.


Take ’em when I can get ’em and not stress too much about not hearing the verbal. Just reach for my goal. Uguuuu~

Grishko 2007 Pro


New shoes!! I used them Thursday and despite the obvious needing of breaking in to soften some mean spots, it otherwise is a wonderful shoe. Supports my arch, stays on my heel, is quiet when walking, stable when flat, platform is nice, fit is for the most part quite excellent!

I wore my Blochs at the end of class after wearing my Grishkos and my feet were nearly killed in them. No support for my arch the boxes felt huge compared to the grishkos, so much so that I was knuckling in them!

So now I have to mail back a back up pair of Blochs and order another pair of Grishkos. The life of a dancer.

To note there are some significant changes ahead of me that I cannot reveal yet. It’s not necessarily bad, it is a change though. I’ll be able to inform you better in January when all the holiday shows are over, and my vacations are over as well. And before anyone jumps to conclusions. It’s just my ballet schedule.

I’m trying to update more I’m just so frazzled with choreography.


Honestly, I’ve been so pooped from my 5 day a week schedule and my extra hours in rehearsal on Friday and Saturday, that I really love to languish in my Sunday off. So briefly here’s what’s new with me:

Working on my splits, more so than I have since last year. My left is coming along and my right is being stubborn. Working very hard on these.

Was a disappointment to myself and my Mentor last rehearsal. Lately I’ve been arriving later because I’m so tired it takes a little more effort to motivate me to get out and to go back into the grind of ballet. It’s not that I hate it or don’t want to dance. I’d just like a little more time to do other things with my day like caring for my etsy shop and working on products. Or even cleaning up my house and getting house errands done.

My axis pointe shoes have become more of an irritation than useful. The “medium” shanks are so soft and when they warm up with my body heat they get even more “gumby” and I no longer receive any support in the shank. So I’m desperately struggling in them to try and get en pointe. Today I watched myself in the mirror and saw that my 2 week old shoes already look dead in the shank. I’ve only worn them maybe 10 hours.
So today before class I made it out to try some new shoes. I tried merlet 1/2 shanks that were a dream en pointe in alignment but overall I was sinking in them and they were ugly, painful when standing flat, and no longer available for order in the US.
I came through for the Grishkos. Many people have given me scared looks when I said I wanted to try them. Everyone is afraid of them. Only one person wears them and she’s a seasoned senior dancer that my Mentor has worked with for the past 15 years (adult ballet-er).
When I placed the Grishkos on though they felt great. It fit my narrow foot, was strong in the shank, but felt pliable enough for me to work in it.
I tried gambas again but wasn’t won over by them. Tried RP Rubins I think and they were awful. Pulled me off pointe and just yuck!
Kept with the Grishkos. I’ll be using the rubbing alcohol method to break in the demi pointe.

We’ve been working on fouettés in class. Surprise! I’ve more or less been thrown in the deep end on this one. I’m slowly getting it.

My spotting and pirouettes are getting better. So are my dreaded chaine turns.

Lots of choreography going on. Struggling here and there working hard to memorize where and what, when. 2 holiday dances and nutcracker. Will be so glad when it’s all done and over. Then I rest then run off to Disneyland with my Husband!! Then to Vegas to spend Xmas with my Dad.


I’m mostly over my cold, just a minor annoying cough that’ll be wrapping up shortly. Thanks everyone!