Honestly, I’ve been so pooped from my 5 day a week schedule and my extra hours in rehearsal on Friday and Saturday, that I really love to languish in my Sunday off. So briefly here’s what’s new with me:

Working on my splits, more so than I have since last year. My left is coming along and my right is being stubborn. Working very hard on these.

Was a disappointment to myself and my Mentor last rehearsal. Lately I’ve been arriving later because I’m so tired it takes a little more effort to motivate me to get out and to go back into the grind of ballet. It’s not that I hate it or don’t want to dance. I’d just like a little more time to do other things with my day like caring for my etsy shop and working on products. Or even cleaning up my house and getting house errands done.

My axis pointe shoes have become more of an irritation than useful. The “medium” shanks are so soft and when they warm up with my body heat they get even more “gumby” and I no longer receive any support in the shank. So I’m desperately struggling in them to try and get en pointe. Today I watched myself in the mirror and saw that my 2 week old shoes already look dead in the shank. I’ve only worn them maybe 10 hours.
So today before class I made it out to try some new shoes. I tried merlet 1/2 shanks that were a dream en pointe in alignment but overall I was sinking in them and they were ugly, painful when standing flat, and no longer available for order in the US.
I came through for the Grishkos. Many people have given me scared looks when I said I wanted to try them. Everyone is afraid of them. Only one person wears them and she’s a seasoned senior dancer that my Mentor has worked with for the past 15 years (adult ballet-er).
When I placed the Grishkos on though they felt great. It fit my narrow foot, was strong in the shank, but felt pliable enough for me to work in it.
I tried gambas again but wasn’t won over by them. Tried RP Rubins I think and they were awful. Pulled me off pointe and just yuck!
Kept with the Grishkos. I’ll be using the rubbing alcohol method to break in the demi pointe.

We’ve been working on fouettés in class. Surprise! I’ve more or less been thrown in the deep end on this one. I’m slowly getting it.

My spotting and pirouettes are getting better. So are my dreaded chaine turns.

Lots of choreography going on. Struggling here and there working hard to memorize where and what, when. 2 holiday dances and nutcracker. Will be so glad when it’s all done and over. Then I rest then run off to Disneyland with my Husband!! Then to Vegas to spend Xmas with my Dad.


I’m mostly over my cold, just a minor annoying cough that’ll be wrapping up shortly. Thanks everyone!


2 thoughts on “Update

  1. Woowwieeee you’re so busy!! I am surprised you can keep your head on! How annoying that the pointe shoe business isn’t going all that wel.. I really hope the Grishkos will be good to your feet!
    Good luck with those performances and keep your head up, you’re almost done! Times flies 🙂

  2. More and more narrow feet are saying they like the Grishkos.. maybe it’s time for me to try them! Let us know how you get on.

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