Grishko 2007 Pro


New shoes!! I used them Thursday and despite the obvious needing of breaking in to soften some mean spots, it otherwise is a wonderful shoe. Supports my arch, stays on my heel, is quiet when walking, stable when flat, platform is nice, fit is for the most part quite excellent!

I wore my Blochs at the end of class after wearing my Grishkos and my feet were nearly killed in them. No support for my arch the boxes felt huge compared to the grishkos, so much so that I was knuckling in them!

So now I have to mail back a back up pair of Blochs and order another pair of Grishkos. The life of a dancer.

To note there are some significant changes ahead of me that I cannot reveal yet. It’s not necessarily bad, it is a change though. I’ll be able to inform you better in January when all the holiday shows are over, and my vacations are over as well. And before anyone jumps to conclusions. It’s just my ballet schedule.

I’m trying to update more I’m just so frazzled with choreography.


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