Not much flailing going on here

I’m finally beginning to stress about Nutcracker. It’s literally 3 weeks away and I feel unprepared. My soutenue turns en pointe in snowflakes are horrible. Running in my new shoes is very difficult for obvious reasons. I’m not excited about my Russian dance like I normally am, I feel there’s no team spirit like last year. My timing is off everywhere. I’m exhausted and tired. BESIDES THAT.


Class last Friday wasn’t so bad. Despite taking two extra classes of ballet to make up for when I was sick. Which I reflect back on now as a bad idea just before Saturday rehearsal. URG- but I digress. Friday. I was getting compliments left and right, that had followed me from Thursday too. It stuck to me because RO had talked about receiving compliments in class and how extremely rare it can be. For sure I’ve had my dry spells. I was though receiving some great compliments. Acknowledgement for real progression I have been making. Which feels nice. One big one was going from a 4th elonge lunge into attitude en pointe. Fluidity, no wobbling, high attitude, proper placement, I was there. I’m pretty awful at “lame ducks” but have apparently gotten the whole arabesque arms thingy-ma-bobs. Which is good. Always good to have your arms. The combination was lovely and different so it was pleasant to do. I was the only girl in class in her pointe shoes and it was near the end when you’re going diagonal. So I was tired, my new shoes are new so it’s an uphill battle in those guys. Pique, Pique, Balance, Balance, lame duck, lame duck, lame duck while turning passé leg over and continue with pique, pique, balance, balance, etc… I did it too for the most part. And was applauded by the class. Since I was last because of odd numbers. By no means was it perfect, but I was able to execute it without much flail, falling over, tripping, wrong arms, or crying. Major accomplishment.

Sometimes though when you get complimented it makes all that noticed work go out the window and you fail at everything. Usually this is the reason why my Teacher never compliments me, because it never fails for me to fudge it up if we repeat the combination. Normally she’ll have us run it through several times and then just correct those who needed corrections, meaning if she didn’t pick on you, you did good and or improving.


Take ’em when I can get ’em and not stress too much about not hearing the verbal. Just reach for my goal. Uguuuu~

3 thoughts on “Not much flailing going on here

  1. Sounds like a good week! Even though you are tired and your new shoes make you work really hard in them 😉
    And yes, receiving compliments can be soooo good but I can recognize the fact that you immediately fail at whatever you are doing because you just received a compliment 😀

    Don’t worry about that Nutcracker, you will have it in three weeks and you’ll make us all proud!!

  2. I’m sure everything will come together for Nutcracker. Hang in there.

    And congrats on the good class on Friday.

    And I know the feeling about lame ducks. Mine are a lot more lame than duck. But we don’t do them enough on a consistent basis for me to get them down.

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