One Footed Jumps

They suck. While I have decent leaps overall, I don’t have the hip and core strength to do decent one footed jumps. Yesterday in class we did coupe front, coupe back, coupe front ballone 2nd close coupe back. Then repeat with front foot- then while back foot is in coupe – pas de chat, pdb, pas de chat, pdb, soutenue turn. Repeat.

While I can do this combination slowly and clumsily. I cannot do it very fast. I feel like a rock with cumbersome legs and being a rock I’m learning how to use brain function and legs for the first time ever.

This feeling is not new. It also shows on my temps levés. I hate you temps levés. You may be pretty but only if you look effortless doing it.

I guess my teacher keeps having us doing so we get better at it. Urgh! They drive me crazy. So did my chaines, but they’re looking better. So I guess they will get better. I would like to be able to jump on one foot with out hulk arms in brava.

Despite my woes. We did a relaxing basic tombe pdb 4th pirouette diagonal. To a saucy little tango piece. After the first line I was called out to be the good example while Sensei was the bad example. For I tombe differently since my intensive.
After learning at my intensive this other method not only did it feel cool but it looks cool. Very swishy. Very Balanchine/Joffrey. I like the “up down” method from Balanchine. Besides it’s what my teacher teaches anyways lol. I have no bias!! (/sarcasm)
Anyways, I got to be an example!! Hurrah! It is very few and far between stars and planet alignment, inca calendar type of occurrence for me.
While many tried to emulate it, they were still struggling. Which is cute.
Yesterday was a good class. Yes. Choreography though. What a bummer. Not doing so hot on that front. My teacher keeps saying we’re out on the on the prairie in snow and we’re like “little house on the prairie”. I would rather take ice skaters waltz all over again compared to being girls in the snow. I try and be enthusiastic. But it’s just one of those choreographies you roll your eyes at mentally, so no one can see it, slap on your chummy grin and do it.
My other holiday piece is better, but it mixes my Monday choreography and my nutcracker and snow choreography. So it gets a little confusing. I do get to do pique arabesque with arms in elonge en pointe! That’s fun and a little on the hard side.

Anyways. Enough yammering for now.


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