Arms and Things

Practiced swan arms today. That stuff is haaaard. I have to get my chest open more.

Was also complimented on my turns at the barre we were doing. They were called beautiful. Squee!

Of course though I had my downs. We did pirouettes from 5th and I didn’t open my arms. I didn’t really use my arms period which ruined me.

Also I was having problems staying en pointe with my right foot. My feet are overall very tired. So I was very wobbly and unstable doing some arabesques and things.

My piques are also being weird. Apparently I’m not sliding down my leg but back behind me which supposedly is making me lose balance but I think it’s not lol. Sliding down the back of my leg makes me feel like I’m loosing momentum. I’ll fix it I’ll fix it. Eventually.

Now I’m going to watch Uliana do her swan arms to see how she does hands because mine look awkward.


One thought on “Arms and Things

  1. I’m stillllll jealous of you getting to do swan lake.. en pointe…. Grrr!! But I do hope you get those arms down and your feet will get some well deserved nappy nappy time so they can perform for you again!

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