Slap a new badge on me!

I was breaking in a new spare pair of pointe shoes tonight. Apparently between that and wearing my broken in pair I bruised my pinky toe!

Now you all must come to terms, as a dancer, and a dancer like me who dances 6 out of the 7 days of the week. My feet aren’t beautiful. Nor are they disgustingly ugly. I mean their original appearance I have no shame. I like my feet. Dancing in pointe shoes though, the wear and tear on my toes have been very obvious. Especially on my pinky toes.

My right foot pinky toe has been roughed up so much since this summer where I blew a blister and still danced on it. It’s now a very thick callous.

My left pinky toe is now a bigger veteran compared to my right. I have a bruised toe nail!! It’s not horrid, and I’m lucky I don’t have to dance in pointe shoes again until Saturday and Sunday. The last weekend before nutcracker- ahhhh!!

Now! Warning- my badge of ballet honor:



One thought on “Slap a new badge on me!

  1. Hahaha awesome. I haven’t even had a blister in my pointe shoes, maybe that’s because I don’t dance in them as often as you do! Props!!!

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