Nutcracker week!

A quick hello!! It’s Nutcracker week!!! Today I have a full dress rehearsal at the theater from 4-9pm. I’m going to be so tired!
I wanted to share with you guys the extra work (like I didn’t have enough) I did for Nutcracker. I modified an old dress to make me a new doll costume!

The old / before:


The new / after:


I have some odds and ends to finish today before I get ready for rehearsal.

I also wanted to let you know the last bit of my secret I’m now able to share. My mentor is no longer going to be teaching at one of the studios and after holiday will only be at the other. This will cut my study in half as well as my teaching ability. I have withdrawn from the school because I have no interest in taking ballet from someone I have a hard time learning and communicating with.

I was going to look into more classes at another studio, but I may just save the money and concentrate on my Etsy business since during Nutcracker it’s fallen to the wayside. šŸ˜¦

I’m going to miss ALL the girls I danced and taught.

Now I have to run off and finish my costume.


3 thoughts on “Nutcracker week!

  1. Merde! Hope it will a fun week and you guys have all good shows. We start moving into the theater on Saturday after rehearsal for our performances next week.

    Sorry about your mentor leaving the studio. Even if your dancing is cut in half, here’s hoping for other opportunities for you.

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