Holiday Performance


A culminated pose near the end of our dance. I’m 2nd row 3rd in line from left. Or 2nd from the right. Don’t count Cat in the front, haha. This is the group I’ll be dancing with this spring for Swan Lake plus pre-pointe/ballet IV.
My camber wasn’t optimal. Sorry.

How did it go… Well I had a short time to warm up. Is never been to the place before so it was a little tricky to find. Then I missed my timing but came out there anyways but in synch just skipped a chunk of the beginning lol. No one had really rehearsed it before on the stage so we were kinda wonky.
But. My Mentor was happy with it over all. As long as she’s happy I’m happy. The girls were all scared over the floor, which was not slippery at all. It wasn’t so bad to dance on compared to the Nutcracker stage I used.

Before you knew it it was all over. I did slip a little in the photographed pose from not being completely warm but that happens. Again, as long as Sensei is happy I’m happy.

I’m in Vegas now, I’ve found a great school doing adult drop in classes just down the way from my Dad’s house. I’ll be here until Friday. Time to eat good food and try new dance instructors!

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