This week has been calf buster week. Tuesday I spent 3 hours in class. Hour or less was working in pointe shoes. Not to mention doing foot strengthening exercises too! The girls in the first class are just starting pointe so they do a lot of foot strengthening. Echappes, releve holds, releve then plié in second ( I’m with out a barre ). I came home and took a hot Epsom salt bath.
Next day, we did more calf and foot strengthening work. Degages that shoe how slow and weak my left is compared to my right. Releve holds, and single foot balanced in passé and/or coupe. I was actually holding my balances for like half seconds or almost a minute!!! And I wasn’t in pointe shoes! Flat is hard with the roundess of your foot.

My feet have not felt so worked out since last summer. They actually were all crampy and unhappy today. It was good I went out and walked around in my orthotics to relax my feet muscles.

One more class tonight, I do not know what is in store for me.

Lately I’ve noticed my turns have become better. My spotting is better. I was getting barked at about my pique turns. Either I was stepping too far out or not stepping out enough. The new school mentioned that when coming down from your pique you need to go through soutenu. *ding* That makes total sense! My Mentor says, make it slide down the back of your leg. An analogy that apparently didn’t work for me. So Tuesday night when doing pique turns in a half circle (gotta change your spot) I was doing really well. So much so the girls waiting to go we’re whispering how fast I was going. I didn’t receive any pivotal remarks from Mentor but that’s a good sign. Only to close my arms more when turning. Though to hear the other girls taking notice- that’s far more important to me. I feel at times these girls don’t see how much of a dancer I am. They disregard any opinion I have and never really ask for any advice. Yet girls at the other studio that I left loved any advice I had to give. The girls at my current studio aren’t being rude per say, but are surely neglecting any potential information I can share. There are a few girls who respect my opinions and I feel I’m really starting to break walls down with some others. Which is nice because I feel as a fellow dancer, despite my age difference, despite how long I’ve been dancing. I still deserve some respect for all my hard work and I want it from my peers! I get it plenty from family and friends but it would be rewarding to have it from the girls at this school.

Let’s see what today beings.

One thought on “Respect

  1. Sounds like you’re doing great!! Maybe the attitude of the other girls just has to do with the fact that you’re still a bit new, and maybe they are even a bit baffled or feel threatened by your dancing skills! And even if they’re not , it’s not about getting respect or compliments from others; it’s about how you feel about your dancing!

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