Congratulations Seahawks

I’ve been watching the Seahawks since I was a little girl. My Dad and Brother shouting and yelling on Sunday afternoons. My Husband and I recently got really into the Seahawks this year since I wasn’t involved in work and could be more involved with TV (hello dancing with the stars, the peoples court, etc). We had the opportunity to see a pre-season game a couple summers ago and it was a real joy to see.
Last night was big for us, Seattle, Washington. The “12th” man.

Well this morning I got an email from about a shoe sale. They are like the one email spam that I happily open and go window shopping. I browsed shoes and decided I didn’t need anything from their sale, but casually romped through their leotards to see the latest desirable styles.

I came across this bad boy!!



Hello Seahawks colors!!! I bought it. I hope I get to wear it in class before the week is over on Thursday. It’s a beautiful leotard to boot! I’m ready to dance in it!!!!!!

Go Hawks!!


2 thoughts on “Congratulations Seahawks

    • I know! I haven’t had this brand yet so I’m very interested to see how it feels and moves. It’s also a very sex-ay cut! lol. I am strictly a black leo person and one of my schools are too. I have other colors that I allow myself in rehearsals, auditions, and when I attend my summer camp. My black choices though out weigh my color choices though.
      I hope to wear this leotard to show Seahawks pride at class this week where we normally wear black, we can wear Seahawks colors and other things- except I don’t want to get my jerseys sweaty or have to dance in a big jersey anyways. If it comes by Thursday I’m good for class, if I miss it ah well.

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