How I Bun : A Tutorial

RO requested a tutorial on my Colossal hair bun. My hair hasn’t been this long since I was a wee girl. I have photo journaled me putting my hair up before I run off to class.

How to bun like MC –

Things you will need:

brush, detangler(if necessary), fine tooth comb, pony tail holder, triangle clips, large curved hair pins.




Scuncii made my clips and pony tail holder purchased at a drugstore. My large pins I bought at a japanese $1.50 store. My Teacher bought hers that are plastic from the dollar store somewhere-… magical.

step 1 – My hair is a mix of thick near fine hair, and strong slippery wavy asian hair. Many a tears have been shed over my hair and even trying to do a simple french braid has caused my Mother much grief. I start off with completely wet hair. Dried of enough moisture as to work with wet hair- not sopping wet. A detangled may have been spritzed at the ends because hair is long, it gets tangled. Brush through your moist hair and pull your hair back in any part or non part you prefer (I have a severe part, it just doesn’t work when bunning).


Pro Tip – If it’s winter time and you don’t want to step out with wet hair, blow dry your roots a bit until they’re mostly dry. Then you will not catch pneumonia.

Step 2 – Brush hair up into a pony tail, then securely set your ponytail high on your crown. It may appear uncouth and rough.



At that point, you take your fine toothed comb and brush through your uncouth hair and refine it. Just brush through until you stop at the pony tail holder. Do not ravage it, gentle strokes!

IMG_7556Now it appears shiny and slightly uniform. Don’t worry it’s going to get sweaty anyways!

Pro Tip – Depending on your hair, you may want a different pony tail holder. I must use thick ones to hold this mass together tightly. You may need a thin one if you have extremely fine hair.


Step 3 – Take your pony tail with your dominant hand, doesn’t need to be finely brushed or anything… and twirl it like a mindless person day dreaming of ridiculous things.



Once you reach the end, hold firmly. You must now begin to coil if it already hasn’t begun to on itself.



I twist counter clockwise, seems reasonable that my hair wants to continue to turn counter clockwise when making my bun. You may automatically turn a different way, it doesn’t matter. You’ll probably yield the same results. Coil that mo-fo round and round but keeping the body of the twisted tail flat against the crown, and not jumping away from it. Flat is key to good turns, why? Because you’re not worried or fussing with your hair when you’re whip your head around. Also things staying closer to the body will turn better as a bun farther from the head will want to pull away from the head. SO KEEP IT CLOSE.

IMG_7559Ta-da! Magnifique! Grasp the tiny end tail tightly, it needs to be secured underneath your bun. Just tuck it in there nice like.


Step 4- While one hand is holding in place your tucked tail, take your free hand and grab a honking big pin. Find a good place and securely insert your pin to more of the outside area of the bun coil. Not too far out, you want to grasp a good chunk of hair. Insertion needs to be at a 90° angle from your head plane. So it should stick out,IMG_7563

some may prefer a different angle, depends on how tight you want your hair. When the end of the pins reach your scalp pull back just a smidge, in your minds eye think a few mm. Then angle the pin inwards towards the center of the bun while grasping hair internally in the bun. Just keep pushing the pin until you feel it’s securely passed through several layers and caught on to the opposite side and poked through. I’ll be honest my photo is horrible. It’s not easy taking a photo of that. Anyways read the instructions – far better. Take your smaller pin and go 45° up from your first pin insertion. Think quarters of the hour. If you placed a pin at 9-3, place your next pin at 12-6. Since my other pin is smaller it won’t grasp as much but secure the original pinning more. If all done correctly you can whip your head side to side with out any fears and your bun will look AWESOME –



You may have some fly aways (especially if your hair is layered). You can pin those down with smaller pins or ignore them like I do as I will get all sweaty later and wash my hair out at the end of the night.


Step 5 – Securing loose ends. Now that your bun is safely in place. You want to make sure nothing else gets in your eyes. I have 3 clips up top to hold any “bangs” I may have. One on each side of my head to keep fly aways away. Smooth out each area of hair with your hand first before inserting your clip. That way you’ll clip in as much hair as possible before they make a break for it.



Cover any bumpy roughness with decoration –

IMG_7568And you’re golden! I only recommend this bun tutorial for class hair. If you’re looking for performance, that’s a whole different rodeo. Tell me what you think? Good, bad? The ugly? Questions? FEEDBACK!







4 thoughts on “How I Bun : A Tutorial

  1. Hey that’s the same way I do mine! – same length 🙂 Except I’m too lazy to use pins so I put a scrunchie around it to keep it together.

  2. I have always done it like this but I usually incorporated a donut to make sure my hair was less prone to falling down. But I discovered that styling my hair while wet is a disaster… I’ve got thick, rough, curly hair and it’s very damaging to comb through it or put it up while wet. I’ve done some soul searching and I’m usually allowed to wear a braid in class now. If i want to go ballet all the way I just wet the top and spray in some hairspray or gel to keep it in place and just make a bun like yours or with a donut.
    Long hair can be a real pain….

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