The pros and cons of jet glue


Pro – staves off breaking shanks
Con – glue your fingers together instantly

4 thoughts on “The pros and cons of jet glue

    • Yea luckily it’s the water soluble version of crazy glue. I didn’t even know it nozzle had exploded glue all over my fingers until they were stuck and I accidentally just pulled them apart. There’s globs of glue on my nails that is slowly coming off.

  1. We put those little plastic caps on our cat’s claws, and they are attached with super glue. One evening I was trying to put them on her and spilled an entire bottle of glue on my hands, instantly sticking together all of the fingers on my left hand. I had to run out to the 24 hour pharmacy for nail polish remover. It was pretty embarrassing.

    • I was afraid I’d have to do the same thing as my nail polish remover is acetone free. I read the packaging though and it said if you did glue yourself warm water and suds. Ughh… I’m glad it wasn’t worse, like… shoe to hand with glue bottle stuck to other.

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