Four Guys Walk Into a Barre

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I got my Husband to take ballet class, with five of our friends (4 boys 3 girls[including myself]). I scheduled a private class with my Mentor. We had an hour and a half all to ourself with her. This was their first time so we had to start very basic. I got to dance PDD with my Husband, and it was fun and cute. Except he’s shorter than I am en pointe so he wasn’t the best partner height wise. Otherwise he lifted with the best of them, supported me when needed, and was an excellent sport! Everyone was!

There was a many bent knees, and nearly pointed foot as one could get, difficulties stretching and reaching toes. It was amazing! They were in wonderment. They’ve seen me all dance and now they got to try it. It was like… a sweet reward to hear “this is so hard!” often.

Everyone followed to the best of their ability, it was when we got to grand jetés they had difficulties. Their brain was working hardest then. They later complained to me that they felt so uncoordinated when they leapt. They couldn’t make their body go from one leg and then land to the other. Or when we did sauté arabesques, trying to figure out when to jump and how you then got to the other leg. We did not waltz or do balances. They were still grasping at the idea of spotting amongst many things.

Their minds were boggled and their bodies contorted by yours truly. I got a many a yelps of pain from everyone when I was trying to help point their toes. They have the dexterity, but not the stretch.

Ah, it was pure enjoyment and everyone loved it! Even if it was slightly torturous.


5 thoughts on “Four Guys Walk Into a Barre

  1. Haha this is so awesome!! I should do this with some of my friends, they never seem to realize how hard ballet really is! And good job on the torture bit, haha.. feel the paaaiiiinnnn!! 😉

  2. I’ve only taken two beginner ballet classes for adults but it hurts like I’ve taken twenty! I can definitely relate to feeling of being uncoordinated though. The teacher kept telling me not to use my hands… Great post.

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