Shoe Update



I bought new shoes. Finally being realistic, my GMs were not sized correctly. I was having issues feeling my toes after a while and realized it was affecting my dancing. So now I have smaller thinner and narrower GM shoes. They fit like a glove.

I also was able to try a decent pair of Freeds that we’re not ginormous and made my feet look GORGEOUS. It was extremely hard to pull up and not fall forward.

I also bought some new feet accessories to protect my outside bunion. One of the big issues I have with shoes and special metatarsal supporting wings. Hate. Now with my jelly toes, I hopefully won’t get any more blisters on my right pinky toe.

I’m very tempted to get a pair of the freeds, they look so nice but break down so easily. Hopefully the GM will work wonders now that they fit.

My Dog’s toes smell like Fritos.

10 thoughts on “Shoe Update

  1. Ooo, the Freeds do look nice on your foot! I would have bought those for sure… then again I’ve never worn GMs and I can’t quite get used to the aesthetic. Sounds like you found a pair that’s going to work for YOU and that’s fantastic!

    • I wanted to buy them along with my GMs but they were $90 I didn’t want to spend after I already splurged on a new $70 leotard. I am looking though into purchasing a pair when I can. I think it’ll help me with ankle strength, and balancing out my weight en pointe as I’m always pulling my weight back and not forward.

  2. You can see that you’re sinking into the box of your old GM’s. That must be very uncomfortable indeed! These new ones look very pretty and sleek on your feet!! Good luck with them πŸ™‚

    • ?? The first picture is freeds, their sides are tall so when you bend at the 3/4 shank it just folds over. So it looks baggy but I want sinking. The second pair are my new Gaynors. Thanks though πŸ˜€

      • Ahhh okay! I tought they were your old ones! Sorry…… I just think they look like you’re sinking into them a bit more than you are in your Gaynors, but who am I to say that, haha!

  3. Yah new shoes! I currently wear Bloch jetstreams, and love them because they are beyond comfy and I don’t need extra padding, but they get destroyed too quickly. I’ve been thinking about trying a pair of GM’s the next time I’m back in Canada.

    • I had a pair if jetstreams. They were horrible when I would stand in them, but wonderful when I we en pointe. I have a very collapsible foot so it’s why I choose Gaynors. Longevity and it can fit my finicky foot! I do still like some paste shoes, in a sucker for all kinds of shoes. Otherwise though pointe shoes I will trash quite quickly.

      • I totally agree, they are very blocky when flat. I just love not having to worry about padding, and the fact that even without tights I haven’t had a single blister.

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