No Go says my feet

My new GM do not work. Even though the shoe is tight and snug when my foot is cold. As soon as my foot is warmed up I sank horribly. Like all of a sudden my foot had this opportunity to just fold in on itself! I think my foot literally curls and the trick is to find a low profiled shoe that will keep my metatarsals flat. Even though Gaynors are a very low profiled shoe.

I’m going to try a few fitting methods but I’m not sure they’ll work. Otherwise I’ll continue to wear my Grishkos.

I’m also taking a break to Vegas. See my Dad, dance some more at that awesome studio. Go get fitted there see if there are any shoes that work. Relax a little with my Husband.

Sounds like for the market I have in my area and the US for such thin compressible feet the Grishkos will be my only bet.

I still want to try the freeds. They didn’t feel clunky like grishkos. No doubt why the box in freeds would break down easier.

Why feet why?! I hope my future children’s feet aren’t so impossible!


5 thoughts on “No Go says my feet

  1. Haha compressible feet are a bitch… I usually sink into the box of my pointe shoes too, and there’s little I can do about it. The Block Sonatas seem to be doing the trick but they also wear out a bit when my feet are warm.
    Hope you will find the perfect pair and hope you will enjoy the classes in Vegas! šŸ™‚

  2. Oh boo! Finding THE shoe is so frustrating and expensive. Grrrr.
    Maybe something with a slightly longer vamp as well? Do you flatten out your boxes a bit before you wear them? If not, that might help if it’s truly a profile issue.
    I’m really liking my Suffolks right now… (Mark Suffolk was a maker at Freed, actually, and now has his own show company with his ex-dancer wife).

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