I’ve been back from my break in Vegas. It was a nice break. I stopped in at the Rock Center and it was a lovely and HOT class. Most certainly not used to dancing in warmer weather yet. I also picked up a new pair of pointe shoes. They are a smidge wide, so the next pair I get will be a size down. They sold few varieties in Las Vegas as well, but I got the Suffolk Spotlight in 5.5 XN. I like how my foot can articulate in the shoes, the paste used is super flexible and the shoes feel light! Since I’ve been back I’ve been keeping busy, I had a photoshoot with a friend and I dare to put these photos up… I wore my Grishkos outside because they were practically dead to me anyways.

I’m a little stressed with recital work and getting ready for intensive. Tomorrow I’m doing a drop in class at the PNB. So I’m excited to spend my day in Seattle soaking up daytime downtown stuff. Then take a class in the evening. One studio is on break and next week the other studio is on break so I’m bouncing around trying new places and teachers. I shall report back on PNB.


5 thoughts on “Photographia

  1. Your photos or beautiful!

    I can’t wait to hear how the Spotlights work out for you.

    Report back on PNB. I was actually curious as to why you DON’T take your classes there since you live in the area. I have family in Seattle so I intend to take class there when I visit, so selfish me wants the full rundown!

    • Ah when you come we must have coffee and ballet chat and take class together!! The PNB is normally a 20 min drive but with traffic can easily be 45 minimum. The times offered late morning and evening are hard traffic wise so it makes it inconvenient to try and attend classes frequently. Plus gas and parking could easily be a new pair of pointe shoes every couple of weeks.
      Overall it’s a bit of an inconvenience, but I’m thinking I may take more classes at PNB depending how go the to etc. my Mentor is retiring very soon and I need a replacement class.

      • Yes! to coffee.

        Now it all becomes clear on the PNB thing. I somehow always understand that all my familiar cities are complicated, but every unfamiliar city is the size of a postage stamp in my little mind and everything is totally accessible to everyone… also, perhaps you know my mother since she lives in the same giant city as you!

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