Spring Update

Hitting a dry spell apparently…

What’s new? Working away at our Swanlake choreography. Adding heads to the 4 baby swans is overwhelming at first, but when you break it down into counts (thanks Tchaikovsky!) isn’t so hard. I’ve been wearing my Suffolk Spotlight pointe shoes I bought while in Vegas. They have been a great pair of shoes, but have determined I’d like a harder shank. Though the latest pair I ordered are still their normal shank. I ordered a N this time around hoping it won’t be too narrow, but the X is still too wide for me. I also decided to buy a pair of shoe covers for them while I break them in during class. I could always throw a pair of socks over them- but as RP is a testament to it’s slippery death-ness. I’ll avoid that. Sansha has a pair they sell through DD with a suede platform and sole so you can use them while breaking in your shoe with out too much fear of slipping while keeping your shoes in good condition. My Mentor insists we have pretty shoes for our Swanlake performance.

Which is coming so fast. Which also means my Dad will be in town shortly!! Exciting. Then I have my friend coming in to town and we have to take her everywhere and then we run off to Vancouver for our intensive! This week in class we get our costumes. I have a beautiful white costume with gold trimming and a pancake tutu. We also have little crowns with feathers attached. Whole package yo! I’ve been listening to our music over and over again to pick up the cues.

So I’ve been “spring” cleaning. As spring here in the PNW is sudden and late. It’s almost mid May now and we’re starting to get nice weather. We’ve been a little lazy and neglected the house a little so there’s a few nooks and crannies that need some love and attention. It’s what’s normally been keeping me busy in a sense. 

As far as the ballet front is going? For the most part lovely. My Sensei has been in awe of my progress as of late, myself included. I get a lot more respect from the girls. They don’t watch me perform across the floor now for mere entertainment while they wait in line. They watch how I move to learn or emulate. I’m frequently picked out now as an example for certain things and am getting great compliments. Deserving compliments- not just small acclaims to tiny things. I’m holding one legged en pointe attitude balances for prolonged moments at a time. I could barely fathom doing this over a year go. At this rate I’d like a ballet bingo card to check off all my accomplishments and then put in perspective all the stuff I have yet to learn lol.

I haven’t been attending my other classes and have pretty much withdrawn. It’s difficult to enjoy class when you do repeated foot work (which is great and strengthening) but then move to choreography that I’m not really apart of. It’s a waste of my time a little to sit there the next 30 min and watch. I’ll come back for summer classes to supplement the classes I want to take at PNB this summer.

I thought I’d briefly update y’all. As I said though I have to get to spring cleaning.