SKD the Sequal

Tomorrow Katie and I drive 3 hours to Vancouver, WA to get our ballet dance on.

We’ve spent the last couple of days touring Seattle, buying up vintage/90s high cut leotards, and sleeping!

Tonight I frantically finished packing. I’m never calm and collected when packing. Never fails to always miss something too. I have most my essentials though so I should be good.
I’m excited for dancing, dance friends, exploring Portland, Oregon for dining, and many new memories and learning experiences.

Hitting the road in 12 hours!!

I’ll keep you updated.

2014 is Over

Wow! The end of the year crept up on me. Today I took my last ballet class with my mentor and it was good. I had some solid arabesque holds on relevé. It was overall a great class that I enjoyed and that I will miss having with my Mentor. For my normal class we did Hula and Tahitian dance instead- and that really works your lower back. Ouchies, I will be hurting tomorrow.


My Mentor retired officially today. This was her 50th recital, and I’m sad to no longer get to dance with her almost every day and see her face and see what she has to say about her day and how I’m improving, etc. She will be sorely missed by a lot of dancers.


Professional photos came in from the photographer that was hired for the recital last weekend. They got some decent photos of us in Baby Swans- including one where you can see my face of utter shock and dismay of my slip up. Yay! (/sarcasm) Despite the awful capture of my mistake, the following photos are pretty spot on.


bbswnas14_02Dancer N though needs a new pair of shoes obviously…



I also had some nice sautĂ© arabesques that I’m proud of.


Then the dramatic final circle. I’m the one in the center circle to the left, just in front of the person in the foreground.


Next, is my summer intensive! Probably the last one for a while as 2015 is the plan for our last hoorah before we “settle down as a couple”. Husband and I will be taking a big trip/delayed Honeymoon to Japan in the fall. Sigh… time to take it all in and try and savor it while I can before things change again.



I messed up Baby swans. After working so hard and being selected to the front. I mess it up. Never get to redeem myself. So frustrating.

Otherwise, a lot of people liked everything regardless. But my mistake is eating me on the inside and it’ll be a while until it dissipates.

Also sad that my Mentor is retiring. I’m reducing my ballet intake. Things are making me saaaaad. I need my ballet vacation to right my world. So I hope.