I messed up Baby swans. After working so hard and being selected to the front. I mess it up. Never get to redeem myself. So frustrating.

Otherwise, a lot of people liked everything regardless. But my mistake is eating me on the inside and it’ll be a while until it dissipates.

Also sad that my Mentor is retiring. I’m reducing my ballet intake. Things are making me saaaaad. I need my ballet vacation to right my world. So I hope.


5 thoughts on “Sad

  1. What happened??

    I messed up during my pointe recital last year. It ate me up too – until I saw the video. No one looked that good! Ha!

    Buck up. It sounds like you are doing a lot of dancing and are having fun. You are a lucky woman! 🙂

  2. Aaahwww noooo…!!! I always hate it when things like these happen… I beat myself up about it too, so I won’t try to make you feel better because I know how you feel, haha!
    That being said….. you looked very pretty and you’ll get a chance to redeem yourself. What was it that went wrong?
    Please try to find your spark again! 😉

    • Thanks. Yea there’s not much I can do about it but live it down embarrassingly. C’est la vie right?
      I had a brain blip, we do four echappes and then start the jumps again. I counted 1, 2, 3, then went flat to 5th to prepare for the jump on 4- when I realized I had broken the sequence early and now the wrong foot is in the front. It was difficult to recover. I played it off as best I could. The rest of it wasn’t bad. But it’s been better.

      • I bet not a lot of people really noticed it if you covered it up as best as you could. Even prima ballerinas fall on stage or miss a step, they just put on a smile and continue, and sounds like you did too. There’s nothing more you can do about it!

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