Os Trigonum

Sounds like a Harry potter spell. Unfortunately it’s not. It’s that little extra bone I’ve mentioned a few times or maybe not at all I can’t remember these days. It’s in my right ankle and as of Thursday night, causing me a lot of grief. It never had before and we tolerated each other in the past. I made sure to try and warm it up as much as possible, but lately it is so painful to point my foot, be in demi, do other things. Even after a bit of warming up it takes going through all of degages to finally feel a bit normal. I can then dance on normally in class, which is good. If it was continuing through class no doubt I would ultimately be debilitated. After class I was feeling good until a couple hours later it just hurt. By morning usually everything is right as rain.
This early morning though, while dreaming of doing ballet and pointing my foot, I guess I did so in my sleep and my ankle hurt so bad it literally sprang me awake with pain. It had been a long time since I’ve had that amount of pain awoken me like that. Not since a tightly wrapped sprained ankle I fell asleep with kinda thing.
It has me worried. I’ve been working diligently on my skill to become worth of a teaching position and now I have this bone that is really beginning to fight back.
The longer it stays and I dance on it, the more damage, pain, and suffering I’ll be in. The options are to ice and ib and observe it, but that’s the “casual” foot user. I have to irritate that bone every time I dance and it’s not liking me.
So I think Monday I’ll set up an appointment some time soon to see a doctor concerning it. I want a 2nd opinion as the Podiatrist I saw who x-rayed my foot for pointe and found it said that surgery was a possibility. The 2nd opinion is to see if they’ll torture me with boots and injections before thinking surgery is necessary. And I’m thinking yes, I probably want surgery. Just like Kristen of little bone big problem.
We’ll see what the future holds for me and my Os Trigonum. As of now he’s playing around with my nerves in my foot and lower leg and it’s not fun :/


11 thoughts on “Os Trigonum

    • Yea, some serious dancers hoping to go pro will opt for the surgery. No doubt they find it sooner after dancing longer schedules in pointe shoes. It KILLS in pointe. It feels like a small pebble wedged between my ankle and leg bones. With a nice twinge of pain. I haven’t been wearing my pointe shoes since my intensive.

  1. Boooo! I’m sorry to hear about this. I much prefer injuries that can heal… extra bones don’t become un-extra on their own. I’m sure you’ll figure out the best course.

  2. Ouch. Sounds horrible. Hope you get an answer soon. I have a neuroma in my foot that makes half my foot tingle a lot of the time, but I’m lucky there is mostly no pain.

    • Yea my Podiatrist and I have known about the little guy and he hasn’t become an issue until recently. He’s a very respected foot doctor for dancers like the Pacific Northwest Ballet and such. Several people fly out of state to see him. So I’m in good hands. My friend mentioned she also had a neuroma and he helped greatly with alleviating the issues she was having with it.

  3. Ugh, sorry to read this! I’m having ankle/tendon issues of my own (apparently not the os trig, but we don’t know what yet), so I understand the frustration. Hope you heal soon (and if you decide on surgery, hope you have a speedy recovery!)

    • Thanks for commenting. I love your blog, it’s like a condensed version of mine haha! I’m sorry the spotlight’s didn’t work for you, I do have really long toes though.

      I hope I heal soon too, I’ll be sure to keep everyone updated when I get more info. Thanks for reading 😀

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