New skirts on sale in my etsy store!!! Six lonely skirts ready for a good home.


I made an appointment with my Podiatrist for next Wednesday- I’m still going to ballet class this Thursday night ¬.¬;;


Tonight I hope to update more on my week at SKD. Thanks everyone 🙂

4 thoughts on “Quickie

  1. I wish I wore skirts to class… ever… yours look lovely. I have one lonely black skirt in the bottom of my dance bag that never gets put on.
    Anyhoo… glad you’re getting your foot looked at… and selfishly glad you’re still taking class.
    I’ll be out your way a couple of days the end of next week… Any chance we can take a class together?

    • So next week Thursday there is an advanced class and the beginner ballet I’m doing. I find the beginners a good challenge and helps me focus on bettering my technique. The adv needs a lot of focus and artistry. Since my ankle acted up again I’m going to stick to the Thursday class at 6 @ the PNB. I’d love to have you join me if it wasn’t too boring being a beginners class. We have one very new guy who’s still figuring things out. But the adv class is just one room over and starts and ends the same time 🙂 there’s an adv class on Wednesday I think and Friday there are no classes because of performances. Email me: pinqcouture at g mail dot com

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