Monday at SKD

We had photo day the first day of camp. They just started a new tradition last year that the group photo will be wacky and fun. Last year we were all late to the memo but this year I decided to do Seahawks! One of my Dancer friends was from SF and a steadfast 49’ers fan. We were messaging each other all during the final Sea VS 49’ers game only for them to looooooooose. Hahahaha! I brought my Seahawks spirit to the camp and everyone appreciated it- and complimented me on my leotard ūüėÄ

10440909_815394635145510_4683242603667769691_nThe Baltogs¬†leotard I’m wearing though is dyed and as I was sweating all day the blue leaked onto my pair of tights. So now I have blue tinted tights… awkward. My Dancer friend Stephanie was wearing the same leo that day but in the black and burgundy combination. It is a super flattering and comfortable leotard.

So after photos we started technique! I had Pedro Szalay who’s Hungarian but born in raised in Venezuela. He was wonderful! Great teacher, I think the only time I had him besides PDD. Unfortunately I don’t remember too much of his combinations or corrections, they were good though. I remember leaving the class on a positive note. So it was a good class and a good challenge. He’s very fun and he often makes me blush out of embarrassment. He’s very humorous and kind. Will kindly antagonize you to do your best. Very cool teacher and I LOVED working on his PDD piece. OH! I do remember that for the end of class we did a combination that was part of the Black Swan’s piece! So that was fun, chugging backwards in arabesque haha!

I do remember that I had to go pee right after class and during that time they read out the names of all those who had been assessed were re-directed into the classes for their variations. I had been upgraded to the 3b-4 class which is the most advanced. Last year I was in the 3a-3b. Variations were broken down to women and men. So I had GAVIN LARSEN! She started out in NYC where she studied, went to the PNB for a summer intensive where she was offered a contract! Even before she was finished with school. She wrapped up her performing career at the Oregon Ballet and is now a teacher adults and students alike in Oregon. You can take classes¬†with her on Mondays during the summer, and I think it changes for the regular school year. I can not emphasize how much of a great teacher she is. If you are ever in the area and available to take classes with her I HIGHLY recommend it. She’s also SO adorable!



So women’s variation! We were doing Swanlake PDT variation. Everyone’s choreography is different, so there is no replication online I can show you. It started in 5th on relev√©/pointe. Then you’d do 7 counts of coup√© starting with the back foot. Like a really slow bourre turn. Then you’d roll down to tendu, sous sus, pdb, tendu opposite side, repeat. “Set” of 4. Then slow bourre turn again – so you do it like 4 times, then saut√© arabesque, then run run into step sous sus. Roll down¬†into tendu devant pli√© . Then pass√© arabesque and bourre backwards. repeat 3 more times but hold the arabesque at the last time and PDB. Then you do the bent foot trot back while doing fluffy army movements, then roll down big step into 5th, then roll down and slow move in a circle to reface the audience and assemble devant. Then it was plie retiere, retiere, ronde jambe, and repeat x 3, with the leg still out from ronde jambe saut√© arabesque and move upstage tendu and pique, lame duck, pique, lame duck, chasse x 4 and pose. Hopefully that translates well. Err…


I hadn’t done pointe for almost two weeks, so when I did do it en pointe I got a small blister and I totally twisted up my muscles on my left leg. I was also laughing after class because I realized I was wearing two different shoes. Same kind just different widths. I think that’s why I was having troubles with my blister.

Oh man. Then after lunch with had Repertory. I still was in the advance class and it wasn’t a really HARD piece, it was all bout timing and my body and mind were tired already and it was just a lot of quick movements and hops. Our piece was the peasants dance from returning from the fields in Giselle. Remember, I was sleep deprived and constantly waking up around 2-3 am.

After repertory we had a turn out workshop and I was so tired my legs were cramping as we tired to turn out more and more. UGH. I was so done for the day. We rapped up at 5pm. 

As short as the day sounds, it was one of the longer days. It was very difficult because you’re putting together two choreographies. While last year I was drowning in choreography, by the fall of last year I had practiced the three choreographies from the Summer Intensive and then I had Nutcracker in the winter and learning 5+ dances. SO I was prepared and it wasn’t so much of a struggle as last year. Day two over and out!


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