Today I had class at the PNB. They’re going well and I’m learning new things and new adjustments. She really caters to everyone and their needs. My ankle unfortunately decided to get all irritated still, so it’s not some fluke. Needs to be looked at for sure.

I met one of the other adult dancers, he’s from Spain! A wonderful guy and dancer. He’s been dancing the last 2 years. I just started talking his ear off! I’m excited to talk with him again next Thursday. Everyone who’s been dancing with this group for a while is reserved and not chatty and very stuck in their ways. I tried to go ahead of these two ladies at pique turns because I was faster I could move across the floor and be out of their way. NOPE. Even though I was in the prime spot to start they just put themselves in front of me to start first lol.

I’m super excited though! I just finished icing my ankle, but… I’M TYPING ON MY BRAND NEW MACBOOK AIR!! So much easier to communicate with and type on than my iMac downstairs which is troublesome sometimes to work on as it’s wedged between a wall and our cat tree. I hope I’ll be much more functional with this in writing blogs, updating my store, corresponding with certain clients etc. 


Well anyways, I just wanted to give a quick update on that for now! More SKD and PNB to come.

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  1. Hahaha, isn’t that funny when people are so obsessed with their place they defy logic! I had a similar recent issue man on grand allegro. Luckily LadyM saw him and told him “if you’re going to stand in front of HER you’re going to have to TRAVEL or stay in your lane so she can pass you!”

    I’m a total drug pusher, but it sounds like an anti-inflammatory regimen might be in order as well as ice… just sayin’.

    • After class when it starts to hurt after the activity I took IB but it didn’t start feeling any different until I elevated it on the drive back home. IB + the ice helped. It doesn’t ache when I start to dance so it’s not like a constant pain. It’s just as soon as I start relevé-ing and such that it starts tweaking and pinching stuff and gets uncomfortable. We’ll see *sigh*

      I would think the Teacher would inform the newer dances to step backwards up stage if they step out of the across combination so they don’t kill anyone in a collision or even how to set up 3 people at the start across the floor etc. She hasn’t though so we have a new guy who keeps taking a lead position and the Spaniard just lets him take it lol. C’est la vie.

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