A very delayed, “What’s up!”

I have written MANY drafts. Let’s see how this goes:

I met up with Wedoballet. I had a wonderful class with her, and even a more fabulous time talking at dinner! We probably could’ve stayed till last call. Class I remember was a good challenge. I was a little nervous so having a hard time staying focused, cause let’s be honest. You wanna look good to your visiting dancer friend ;D

After a while though I finally got into my rhythm and zone and zonked out. I focus on me and what I could do better and only pay a little attention to others in the event we’re doing combinations across the floor, etc. So I apologize to Mama Wedoballet for not really watching her too much. I did love your leotard! Motionwear is one of my favorite leotard brands, and it was a very flattering leo ;D

After Wedoballet’s visit I kept visiting PNB until they wrapped up. Which was a sad day. Booooo… but they’re back next week! So YAY! I’m going to try the intermediate class because they start easier in the year. The teacher for the beginner class says they’re be starting from the basics. So it could be a really slow class.

In the mean time I’ve been taking classes at another studio near Lake Washington. I had read up on the studio but never had ventured to visit until now. It’s so freaking far out of my way! I do know the teacher there and have danced with him before. Just turns out that I don’t particularly like his general method of class. He doesn’t seem to physically correct anyone, doesn’t put a lot of explanation out. Yes he’s only seen me a few times but I feel a lot of people get away with bad technique/prep and he doesn’t bother correcting or lecturing to fix their problems. Some studios are like that, and I don’t enjoy it.

Either way, can’t complain too much right now. I just have to figure out where I’m going for classes after my surgery. I may skip PNB for the winter and return in the new year. Just go to the studio down the way from me and take their adult class there.

I have yet to slate my day of surgery but have been in talks with the insurance company to be OK’d for it. I went hiking to Heather Trails again and my ankle was a little irritated after the hike. Classes at the new studio have flared it a little as well. It’s not as painful as it was during the summer so that’s good? I haven’t worn a pair of pointe shoes in over a month 😦 So I’m thinking I’ll put them on and just do some foot exercises so I don’t forget what it feels like *bawwww*.

Been working on my dance skirts and things still. I’m late updating like uuuuusual. Life just get’s in the way. I have to be more proactive. BLURG- haha. I’ll hopefully be returning back to the SKD experience. Wedoballet wants the nitty gritty details… which are going to be harder to remember lol.

In summation, my dance life is a little suspended. While I can dance before my surgery, there will be nothing but a lot of recovery reporting after my surgery. Probably a lot of tears for no dancing. I feel a little sad about the prospect but am determined to work hard at all the exercises and physical therapy to get back to dancing!