It’s interesting to see how, a year or so ago, there were so many enthusiastic adult ballet-ers. Really proud of all their accomplishments, happy to share to the world. Now, we’ve seemingly gotten OLD, and tired of dance, and of writing about it. More of a personal assumption.

Not that I don’t understand a lot of the reasoning behind it all. Some people have families. There’s jobs. Finances (pointe shoes and leotards aren’t cheap). So so many things. I remember when I first started dancing again. Injury was big, except I had it backwards to an average working person. I was more worried about being injured for dance than for work. Otherwise lets say you’re working, to feed yourself- kinda important. Then you go to dance for recreation and aghh, you go and twist your ankle on that jeté temp levé combination. No surprise there; stupid temp levés. Now though, you have to go to the Doctors to make sure it’s not worse for wear; that’s $$. And time you didn’t want to spend watching a sick child cough 2 feet away from you with an open mouth that you could swear you can see the minute germs were floating directly towards you as you inhale. All while you contemplate work the next day. If you’re in an office and you can sit, work will be difficult but you’ll get by, that is- if the injured leg is your left one. You still may be able to drive- oh, but not unless you have a stick shift. Which, dammit, now you’re calling the woman in your office you barely know who lives the closest and can give you a ride to work every day where she slowly drives you crazy with her constant breaking habit. OR you take time off from work, time you don’t have and money you needed to earn. So swizzle sticks! Ballet recreation has gotten in the way of LIFE.

I mean that is just ONE exaggerated (or am I?) example of how things could go down for someone. It’s no surprise to me the turn over rate of adults in class. Not to mention, why bother trying to frustrate yourself with the Waltz step while you’re balancing your checkbook, your work life, you home life, and maybe your kids? Just- why bother? Would be way easier to not have to understand the complexities of a waltz step- THEN learning how to do it backwards too.

Though, there seems to be those who take dance to another level. Dave Tries Ballet has made some leaps and gains I’ve never seen before. Other dancers too report that they’re frequent and important in roles for productions at companies- heck they’re in COMPANIES. May not be extremely prestigious or glamorous as ABT, etc. but it’s farther than most adult dancers thought they could even dream about.

This post isn’t to say I’m leaving. Far from it. I’m digging in my heels and about to get serious. I’m looking for educational courses on becoming a dance teacher. I’m looking for job opportunities as a dance teacher. I’m even getting ankle surgery to not only make my life better, but to dance to my full potential. I’m considering the possibilities of a dance degree from my local university. All while trying to manage my personal life. Right now my biggest obstacle is my surgery. Just right now. I’m determined to be over it by spring. Then I’ll decide what to do about the possibilities of another intensive, while also looking into online courses for general education credits at a community college.

So, I haven’t given up. I’ve made some new goals and I want to share as I learn and grow.

Tonight I’ll be dancing at the PNB. I’ve been languishing and having bad dreams where I’m dancing in utter anguish because my dancing is not dancing. I think my inner dancer was saying that I couldn’t torture myself with horrible unartistic ballet drab, that I needed to let myself be myself in dance. Tomorrow morning I’ll be in the city again for my surgery, and then after 3 hours I’ll be whisked away back to my home for recovery.

Thanks to all my blogging ballet friends, and all the ballet friends I’ve made through dance. I would not have the courage and the passion with out your encouragement and support.


4 thoughts on “Thoughts

  1. I’m one of those who’ve slacked from blogging, but not dancing, but I’ve also noticed a bunch who have slacked off even more than me, or who have quit altogether.

    Hope the class went well at PNB. A girl from our school is now in their professional division, and our artistic director and ballet mistress both used to be soloists there.

    And good luck with the surgery, and with your continuing dance journey. I think it’s cool that you want to teach.

    • Thanks! Everything went pretty well for class and surgery. Now just recovering. Thanks, I really hope to do classes for 20somethings and above. I love teaching younger girls for sure, but when I tell people I’m an aspiring ballet teacher they always say either they or someone they know wanted to try ballet dance once. I want to be that person to help them to realize that.
      Thanks for reading! Keep dancing!!

  2. You’re like superwoman! There is no way I could do all that you do for dance (I’m lazy, about as nimble as a sperm whale, and have too many hobbies) but I am still around! Not ever making it to a company, I can tell you that, but still dancing, anyway. I did a string of awful pirouettes en pointe last thursday, that’s enough accomplishment for me right now 😛

    • I think I’m trying to capitalize on my youth before it’s gone and trying and take advantage of this dream before it’s all regret. Yay! So happy for you RP, turning en pointe even if haphazardly means you’ll get better in no time with persistence. I will try harder to post comments on your blog :B

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