Final Class Before Surgery

It’s been 5 days since my surgery. Right now I’m fighting with my cat in how he wants to sit in my lap while I type…like butt on my right arm. Or his forepaw over my left hand and his butt in my face… just- finally he sat. Technically I’m not supposed to have my pets around me, but I can’t help it. They do give me a certain calm that I need in my life, just as long as I keep them from trampling my ankle and messing up my incision. Digression-

SO. Because Momma WeDo like’s nitty gritty details here’s Tuesday night’s class first:

I had class at PNB Tuesday night. I was being a floor snob, people weren’t dancing on the diagonal and they would run into me. Except I was the person behind them so I should’ve been watching for them, but… I wanted to dance on the diagonal. That’s no excuse for being rude, I hope I didn’t hurt their feelings because they left the class early; the two who I collided with. So when I arrived and paid for class there were a few people who were eyeing me. Several of the men who take the more intermediate advance class stretching about outside in the lobby. There were some younger girls, early 20s, eyeing me as I too took off my signature sneakers and put on my soft shoes and stretched a little. 15 min before class was to start no teacher (typical) so I went in to the studio where another person was warming up. I had to fix my non existent squirt of a ponytail, I have yet not figured out a cute configuration lol. It was nice to see I was still limber since I’ve only been going to one class a week and had skipped last week (partially because I didn’t want to subject myself and the other part was because the instructor was sick.) I could still easily lift my leg to the high barre and stretch which was pleasant. People started to file in as I was stretching. The girls eyeing me came in, some people I remember from last fall, and others from the summer were there as well. Also Spaniard friend showed up! He danced behind/infront of me. I had the two 20-somethings dance on the other side of me. They were the last of the barre but I think because they were on the other wall they didn’t feel the pressure to do their best as they seemed new. Spaniard thinks I should move to the intermediate class, and he’s probably right. I felt I intimidated a lot of the people in class. I wasn’t trying to be mean or ballet bitch-y; but people say I have one of those nasty rest faces. Barre was simple enough, a lot of tendus from first. We did do one exercise with releves and rond de jambe en la air. I think that was a little much for some though. I really need to work on my turn out in extension. It’s hard at this age to locate, manipulate, and work them. Especially those who aren’t naturally flexible. Though I do think I was the one with the highest extension (and that was just 90°) I did notice as soon as I started critiquing myself I would forget the combination. This unfortunately messed up the two 20somethings who ended up following what I did. After barre was over we came out to the middle. I found people filled in the right and left of the studio but left a nice hole behind the teacher. So I took up behind her since that was the only place I had space to see myself and that was left without being to close to others. After I found my spot it seemed a few people were waiting for me to find my spot and then fell in behind me. We did a tendu combination in croise, en face, efacé. In en face people got confused because we would tendu L/R then would go forward and start with the same foot that ended up back. So R/L on the way back. Then we would devloppe up the leg and back to croise on the other side. The Teacher was looking to see if anyone had picked up that nuance, and I had (thank you last two years of working SO hard on understanding ballet!) So when we went through it at first she exclaimed and was watching my feet and pointing and exclaiming “yes!” *blush* yesssssss. Good feelings :D! We did spotting practice, since everyone was supposed to start doing pirouettes. I’ve learned a lot of the teachers today do not like you opening your arm in a pirouette for one turn. I’ve also been nearly tackled for this after almost hitting my partner during SKD. So I heard her correction for me though she addressed everyone. I think it is an important thing to learn, pirouetting with out the use of your arms. My Mentor emphasizes the method of swinging one arm out, while it’s excellent for multiples. Having the ability to do one or two with pure core ability is an excellent jack of all trades. So when I get back to class I’ll work on it. We also did petit allegro including 4th. I normally didn’t do this, but it was nice because we kept the same arms from the previous tendu exercise. I usually get confused about arms. I messed up a little the first time because going from 4th, to 5th, to a la second, then 4th to 5th. Brain teaser! This teacher was one of those types that expected you to work it out while thinking about it in-between the exercise. So she asked us all to try again, just try a jump in 4th. She then exclaimed when I did it- being one of the few and only to do as she asked. (So shy my little beginners) We did super basic across floor combinations, I did like the balance, balance, waltz turn, hold in fifth and then repeat. Overall it was a nice night, I got to dance and do what I love. I will try and be better about the floor. I had only a few hours before my dinner cut off so Husband and I drove away into the night to find nourishment as the next day was surgery day.


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