Os Trigonum Recovery

The following days after my surgery were kinda weird. The night after my surgery was probably the worst. I was given what I call Super Ibuprofen. It really is, just a super hyped version. You can only take it once every six hours. It destroyed the lining in my stomach despite taking it with food. I had an RX for Vicodin, but I don’t ever feel like my pain is that bad to ever take it, despite always being prescribed it by Drs. That night though, as all the pain meds and everything finished coursing through my system. I was left with a swollen and hot foot with searing pain. It was a little intense; my cramps are worse. It woke me though in the middle of the night and it just seared, which just isn’t a pleasant feeling. All I could do was bear and grit it and try go back to sleep. Which eventually I did because an hour before hand I had taken Super IB. It finally kicked in and I was out but up early. I can best describe it as being really sick. Those two week knock outs where it’s a week of being bed ridden ill and a week of recovery to get your appetite and strength back. So the first three days I feel have been the hardest. It was a struggle to get ready for my post op appointment on Friday after my surgery. The whole bathing, and brushing your teeth, trying to not get your leg wet, getting clothes on and off, brushing your teeth. So much work and your poor hip gets tired of hefting around your dead leg, and your left leg gets tired of working the hardest. I was exhausted after getting ready. I finished early so I had an hour to lay down and recuperate lost energy spent on getting ready for the trip to downtown.

The first trip down didn’t actually seem so bad, but I was having troubles since I was sitting sideways in the back seat. No wonder kids get car sick. This trip wasn’t too bad, but last Friday was a near hurl worthy excursion. Maybe this Wednesday I’ll work it so I’ll sit in the front. While it won’t be safe if I lay my car seat so far back, I’ll at least not want to throw up. Most things are better than throwing up in my book. It’s nice though that the office Lady helped me right away to one of the Drs chairs which elevates and kicks back. Oh how I wished I had one at home. It was a relief to get my leg up. The Dr. just checked to make sure I wasn’t getting feverish or feeling sick and changed my dressings. It wasn’t bothersome to look at my incision, if my leg was pried open and I could see bone – then I’d have issue. So I watched him clean it up and then redress it with a fun pink bandage.  Then sent me on my way. I was also given a pictogram list of exercises to do at home. Things like trying to pointe into a pillow against a wall but your toes flexed up. Flexing your foot up, and pointing your foot down. Rotating your ankle and so on. The worst part is how much your body freezes up your ability after a surgery. Everything is just so tight, with the exercise and now the “continuous passive motion” machine I’m getting my flexibility back to just normal. In a couple more weeks I’ll hopefully be able to get back to dance class and physical therapy.

Now that it’s almost been two weeks since my surgery I’m feeling better. Having baths doesn’t take so much out of me any more. I’m just itching to do more than just lie in bed. I keep to it though because I’m still recovering and if you over spent yourself your body won’t heal as fast. So I’m taking it a day at a time. I sleep in a lot, not because I want to really but because my body demands it. I am going to bed late, and the first week I required naps mid day. So my sleep schedule is a little off, but I wake up pretty groggy. I just think my body requires a lot of rest for all the work I’m doing in the CPM machine.

Husband and I were trying to go to a friend’s gathering for the Seahawks game. I was stoked, but exhausted when I woke up. So we decided it would be better that I was home, otherwise I’d just get exhausted and may have to leave early anyways. I’m keeping myself entertained with movies, reading, video games, sleeping, and being on the internet. I’d like to get more done but I need to be a little stronger and able to use my right foot (especially for sewing.)

Recovery so far hasn’t been so bad. It is difficult to get back into simple working order and needs a lot of perseverance. Like I said, Wednesday is my latest post op and I hope I get the OK to go see some Nutcracker performances with my Mentor.

In the mean time I’m going to keep reading my Hunger Games trilogy and keep at my CPM machine. It’s a 20 min on 20 min off process all day. I’ve been told to consume more protein, but I hate protein powder and protein bars in mass quantities will congest you lol. So I’m trying to figure out what to do. Any suggestions or recommendations?


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