Affects of Recovery

I was hoping last Friday I’d have my stitches out but since I’ve been in recovery my appetite has waned. I’m not as active so my metabolism has adapted and slowed down. My Dr. suggested I eat lots of protein supplements, like bars or shakes etc. Not interested. So it may be encouraging a slower healing response. So my incision wasn’t decently healed and I still have them. They were a little prickly/itchy last week but this week they’re not so bothersome. They may get annoying by next Friday though.

I’ve also noticed how badly my right calf has atrophied. It’s… UGHHH… I once had this beautiful taught calf muscle and now it’s limp and just HANGS off my leg bone. I’m so happy to be slated for Physical Therapy by next week. It will be nice to be active, but I’m also afraid that my Dr. just wants me to stretch and get massaged. I can’t wait to go back to class.

I have also been struggling lately since I’ve been healing. My nerves are reconnecting and it’s a little agonizing. It’s just a searing pain but not intense, it’s kinda just annoying. So it burns there for hours and there’s no way I can get comfortable with out pain meds. Which isn’t bad, normal IB is usually enough. It takes me 8 IBs to get through my monthly so this is nothing. It’s just distracting. My big toe and 2nd toe used to be really numb, I was always wiggling them and rubbing them against each other so proper feeling would come back. They’re finally on the mend, last night they hurt a little as the nerves were reconnecting.

What do I mean by reconnecting? Well during surgery they have to slice through all that tissue and small capillaries, etc. Including nerves. Hard to avoid them. So while you heal, just like your other tissues they repair themselves. Except nerves are meant for feeling. Capillaries resupply blood/oxygen/nutrients – there’s no feels there. Nerves on the other hand though are all about feeling. My Husband had some oral surgery that has left him numb in a particular part of his mouth/jaw region on his face. It at first really bothered him and some feeling has come back but he’s adjusted. He looked into it a lot so I have him for great reference. He’s told me that when nerves reconnect the first sensations are pain and tingling. OH do I get that randomly.

I didn’t realize this entire time but the bottom of my heel is more or less completely dead to touch. I can feel very dull pressure but it feels like there’s a stack of bandages over my heel. That’s what I thought it was at first, and my incision was far more painful so I wasn’t too concerned with it. Not until recently when my incision is actually feeling better and my nerves are firing up. It bums you out a little because nerve damage is a possibility from any and all surgeries. Just like my husband. I guess it wouldn’t be the end of the world if I couldn’t feel my heel to an extent. But today, it has started to regain feeling. It was burning earlier and now it feels warm- where beforehand I didn’t feel much of anything at all. So I’m thinking as my incision continues to heal from the inside out the nerves will continue to connect and I’ll get feeling again just like I have in my toes.

Of course, being Black Friday here in the US, I was never going to go to a sale. Jeopardize my heel for towels? I think not. I am pouting though over all the pretty boots and shoes I’d like to buy. Oh to wear two shoes again.

2 thoughts on “Affects of Recovery

  1. I wish you the best during this time. I have read this for a while but not yet commented. Your journey has been another adult ballet inspiration for me and reading y’all who do this keeps me motivated. My husband and I were rear-ended and our whiplash/muscle and joint pain and injury is overwhelming. I had to stop my ballet class to work in PT – and that is assuming I could even sit up straight at the end of the day.
    I decided to focus on yoga and PT to heal and then go back to regular class once I had some strength and stamina back. It is hard to be away from what you love and especially hard to have limits that are unexpected. Thanks for sharing your story, it relieves my anxiety about missing class to heal.

    • Thank you Olivia. I’m sorry to hear of your car accident! I’m glad you and your Husband and re okay. I’m glad you were able to work out a therapy routine that suited you. Since my surgery/recovery I am most certainly bored. While I have things to entertain me, like reading and creating ideas for my small etsy store. I miss dance a lot, I feel a little lifeless as I hear everyone else’s stress for the Nutcracker season. I’m very excited though to get back into class because my Dr. knows and understands us dancers, which I’m very fortunate to have. Good luck on your recovery, we shall sit anxiously together!

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