Recovering and Atrophy

I knew I would get weak while I was up off my foot for a while. I didn’t realize it’d be this bad.

IMG_9171My left leg is beginning to atrophy since it’s only supporting me when I crutch. It’s nothing compared to my right. My right foot is red because I had just finished a treatment of 20 min rest and 20 min cpm machine. While I rest I use a heat pad around my foot/ankle to keep everything warmed up so when the CPM pushes my foot down at a 50° angle (currently, I need to up it soon) it needs to be flexible. This also has a tendency to cause swelling, which is why my foot is red in the photo. I’m seriously not sure how one works a leg that is that much weaker compared to the other into shape. I’ll find out today since it’s my first physical therapy appointment.

I wore a compression sock last night which felt great actually, until I woke up early this morning and felt one part was biting into my achilles on my heel. I altered it to fell better and went back to sleep but when I woke up it was still bothering me. This one has the heel and toe opening, so I may have to have one that’s a full sock. They are SO not fashionable, but they are helpful.

Today is also the last day that I have to necessarily keep bandaids over my incision. I can opt to not have them on, or have it on for a little longer, which I’ll find myself doing until I feel more comfortable with how my incision is healing on the outside. It’ll be nice to have stimulation over my incision since there’s a lot of nerves cut there, but we’ll see. I hope all goes well at PT. I’ve been lethargic as of late because it’s that time. It seems to be draining of energy yet no unforeseen horribleness has arisen.


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