More Os Trigonum Recovery and Physical Therapy

I’m tired, and stiff, which equals a whole lot of uncomfortable-ness and irritability. I had another round of PT yesterday and it went well. My achilles is unbelievably tight. I couldn’t be asked to do a plié if my life depended on it. It is a very slow and long process to get it to budge. I have blind determination though to get back into working order. Determined.

Good news is my foot does not sting, throb, or feel on fire any more. That has long passed and it feels otherwise normal despite some numb spots still fading and the stiffness and lack of mobility. My pointe has returned, and still has farther to go. So the CPM machine my Dr. designed will have to be fashioned with one of my old pointe shoes to further achieve my pointe. You do not comprehend (unless you’ve had this surgery) the AMAZING feeling of expecting your bones to collide only for you to painlessly and freely pointe your foot. It is AMAZING. Say again, AMAZING. I have a left ankle to compare it too as well! Left ankle, bone click – right ankle FREEDOM. It is a near cry worthy feeling as there is no pain, there is no anticipation of contact, my mobility is unhindered.

My scar is looking less horrifying every day and soon I’ll get to massage it to loosen up the scar tissue so it doesn’t become irrevocably immobile. I do find myself in the mornings waking up stiff, from my lower back all the way down my leg to my foot. I have to spend time in the morning warming it all up with a heating pad to alleviate the stiffness and then just stretch. Every possible stretch I can find to lengthen and revitalize my stiff and stuck muscles and tendons. Then follow through with strengthening exercises to regain regular motion. Flexing your foot up is nearly impossible. You find yourself scycling your foot during rehabilitation. I have come to terms with the benefits of scycling since summer intensive, so it does not bother me, just still a foreign sensation. I do not condone it for technique though.

Other than that, things are on track. I’m placing a lot of weight on my foot/ankle. I’m still weak so I have no stamina and my walking is impaired with a boot still. Hopefully soon I’ll be able to just wear orthotic sneakers. The tendon that goes from the back of your ankle to your big toe is one of my most painful hurdles. Since it has no support and it’s in a new position a little compared to the old way it used to sit in my foot. It is tight and painful. Gentle massaging with a tennis ball has been prescribed (YES!) Lots of exercise you do at the barre where you pointe with the ball of your foot, then move to toes then toes go first then ball and flex.

Might I also add how AMAZING it is to have a physical therapist who is experienced with dance. She’s done everything from Broadway, to Disney, to stage performing in Japan. She’s amazing and such a cute lady! I LOVE chatting with her and she GETS it. SHE GETS how a dancer’s body works and what’s expected. I’ve had other PT’s who disregard what I do. When we get into strengthening she’ll help me with working in my pointe shoes. She’s also determined to make sure my turns won’t be a struggle. I’m worried that I’ll be too over the box of my favorite shoes but there’s no way to get fitted for a new pair right now, so we’ll have to work with it. The studio is as far as my podiatrist, but it’s so worth it. It’s so worth the heavy Seattle traffic to and from. I get electric stimulation therapy, I get ultrasound, massage, and exercise, most importantly just understanding dance.

On a side note, since I’ve been stuck in bed all I’ve been able to do is think. Think some more. In less than a week I read the entire Hunger Games Trilogy again. My Mentor gave me a copy of Ivor Guest, The Dancer’s Heritage, I’ve yet to dig in. Also began re-reading Pride and Prejudice (snore [formal english]). I’ve also been able to scratch out ideas for my etsy store. The other day I was able to even work on skirts! A previous day I had cut 5 new skirts out. Then the other day I serged the edges of them. There were two other skirts that needed hemming, so I did that. It takes SO much energy to work on sewing. I find myself exhausted and tight because I’m asking a lot of my body apparently. I’m getting ready to dye a few of them, and I want to make it worth it because the dye batch is so large I hate wasting and really don’t know how to dispose of the chemical dye! I keep it in a large glass container when not in use. Because I have no one else to boast to, I bought a teflon foot and leather needles for upcoming projects too!! No doubt to RP’s disdain I purchased fold over elastic in fancy metallic prints to add flair to your hair or wrist. I like flair RP and I’m going to go with the trend! I wonder how cool they would look though sewn to a pair of pointe shoes… *ponder*


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